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Lightweight Authentication for Heterogeneous Information Systems

Background and Motivation: 

During the last decade the progress of authentication methods evolution resulted in a number of strong systems being proposed, starting from two-factor authentication techniques, already deployed for online banking or secure link establishment in Bluetooth and coming up to biometric scanners implemented in a number of portable devices. Listed approaches are reliable, well-analyzed and to some extend secure.

However, existing authentication techniques scale poorly when user have to perform a set of authentications in heterogeneous information systems that are not connected to each other.

Project Summary: 

The goal of the project is to design and develop a lightweight and scalable authentication scheme. The key idea is to use a so-called "wireless key" - special device that stores user identificators for different Information Systems in a secure way. So when user wants to perform an authentication he/she has just to connect its wireless key (e.g. using wired or wireless channel: USB, NFC, etc.) to the terminal. All the rest is to be performed by the software. 

The key difference of the proposed system with existing "wireless key" solutions is applicability to very cheap, small and energy-efficient hardware, like NFC tags.

The proposed authentication system consists of 3 parts: wireless key, terminal software (on the Information System side), (optional) user software to be installed on his/her home computer of mobile device.

Project goals and future research directions: 
<ol><li>Design a lightweight and scalable authentication scheme for wireless keys</li><li>Manufacture a test bench to evaluate the system performance and usability</li><li>Develop software to operate with proposed solution on both User and Information System sides</li><li>*Present a product, based on proposed solution, for commertial deployment</li></ol>
List of team members and their organizations: 
  1. Maria Komar (YarSU, Yaroslavl, Russia)
  2. Sviatoslav Edelev (Georg-August-University, Goettingen, Germany)
  3. Vitaly Petrov (TUT, Finland)
  4. Yevgeni Koucheryavy (TUT, Finland)
Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 
  1. April, 2013: Basic concept proposed in , V. Kirkizh, M. Komar, K. Alexandrov, V. Petrov "Wireless authentication for the web services", In Proc. of FRUCT 13 Conference, Demo Session, Petrozavodsk, Russia.
  2. June 2013: Formal problem statement and initial proposals are published in M. Komar, "Secure Document Storage", BSc thesis, YarSU, Yaroslavl, Russia.
  3. October 2013: Sketch of proposed system is presented during World Leading Event on Telecommunications V. Petrov, M. Komar, Y. Koucheryavy "A Lightweight Many-to-Many Authentication Protocol for Near Field Communications", In the Proceedings of the 21 IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (IEEE ICNP), Poster Session, Gottingen, Germany, 2013.
  4. [Expected: April 2015] Prototype of the system to be presented
  5. [Expected: November 2016] Beta-version of the wireless key to be released
Final deadline: 
Sunday, January 10, 2016 (All day)


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During the last decade the progress of authentication strategies evolution resulted in a very variety of sturdy systems being planned, ranging from two-factor authentication techniques, already deployed for on-line banking or secure link institution in Bluetooth and arising to biometric scanners enforced in a very variety of transportable devices. Listed approaches area unit reliable, well-analyzed and to some extend secure.

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