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We congratulate winners of Tizen Hackathon in St.-Petersburg

We would like to congratulate winners and all participants of Tizen Hackathon in St.-Petersburg with the great event and great achievent. The list of projects that received special recognition is as follows:

The Winner - team of Sergey Kirichenko and Anton Chernenkov, project "LPR Player"

Vice-Winner - team of Alexey Gordeychik and Oleg Urzhumtcev, project "QRBus"

Second Vice-Winner - Andrei Tetka, project "SunRise"

We would like to thank all participants for hard and very productive work, impressive results, colorful projects and cozy friendly atmosphere!


That is why we may also need to get through tough times for us to taste the sweet victory that we dare to know. - Marla Ahlgrimm