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Umeå University will host and coordinate a SEK 660 million initiative by the Wallenberg Foundations for Humanistic and Social Scientific Research in AI and Autonomous Systems.
A new study, lead by researchers at Stockholm university and published in Science Advances, now demonstrate that the amount of methane presently leaking to the atmosphere from the Arctic Ocean is much lower than previously claimed in recent studies.
Umeå University is leading a team of researchers across Europe in the development of a coronavirus simulation framework that can support decision makers to experiment and evaluate possible interventions and their combined effects, in a simulated controlled world.
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Time: Tue 2020-04-14 10.00 Location: Zoom address: Type of event: Docentpresentationer Lauren McKee has applied to be admitted as Docent in Biotechnology. The docent presentation is a compulsory step, which formally concludes the admission process of a docent at KTH.
New research reveals that Mycoplasma pathogens make DNA in a unique way that may protect them from our immune response. The result could provide new avenues to combat the pathogens that utilize this strategy. The study is published today in the scientific journal Nature.
More than two decades ago, a hand prosthesis able to give back a sense of touch to amputees would have been dubbed as science fiction. Today this has been proved possible, and now the goal is to make this technology available for as many patients as possible.
Every summer a group of young scientists globally are chosen to meet and discuss science with Nobel laureates at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany. Casper de Lichtenberg, doctoral student in biophysical chemistry at Umeå University, Sweden, will be one of this year’s participants.
Researchers at Stockholm University has established how sugar is taken up by the malaria parasite, a discovery with the potential to improve the development of antimalarial drugs. The research is published in the scientific journal Nature.