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Researchers and industry experts have conducted trials with wood-derived protein in feeding fish. The technology will help secure aquaculture growth.
The tool can be used as an important preliminary step for SMEs to facilitate their understanding of where they stand with respect to the GDPR in terms of "risks to sanctions".
The annual four-day European Week of Regions and Cities, running since 2003 and taking place in Brussels from 7 to 10 October has grown to become the key EU regional policy and development event. This year, CORDIS was proud to be amongst the 9 000 or so participants as an exhibitor, as well as by attending sessions.
A new European study breathes new life into factory work by proposing novel ways to engage and motivate workers. Manufacturing environments are changing, and smart factories with new technologies are being introduced to allow humans and machines to increasingly work side-by-side.
A team of researchers at the Paul-Scherrer Institute in Switzerland have been looking at improving the Bonner Sphere Spectrometer for neutron techniques as part of the SINE2020 project.
Four years of collaborations and hard work has been summed up in The SINE2020 Story video.
Enhancing cybersecurity capacity building is quickly becoming a priority for governments, international organisations and the private sector. While the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to accelerate, organizations are struggling to find the right talent to fill jobs.
Your chance to train your staff, for free - Prepare your company to face cybersecurity threats and attacks
Around 28% of the total area of the European Union countries is covered by grassland and green shrubs. Today these resources remain underutilized, being left to decay after mowing and thus causing costs and lost benefits for individuals and society. Now the GO-GRASS project which took off this week in Brussels wants to use this overlooked potential strengthening rural communities around Europe.
With knowledge being one of the driving forces of modern-day economies, intellectual property (IP) has become a central business asset. Among the different pathways SMEs can choose from to effectively bring their inventions to the market and turn their IP into profit, licensing undoubtedly plays a central role.