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Scientist duo explores some of life’s common worries in an entertaining book backed by scientific evidence.
If the European Commission’s 2018 strategy for a climate neutral economy by 2050 is to succeed, the EUBCE 2019 conference in Lisbon underlined that it will not do so based on technical advances alone. As well as investment, it will require a range of collaborations.
Scientists have started testing the effectiveness of a novel mesothelioma treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer.
Robots are usually inspired by humans and animals. But the very last frontier is the ‘plantoids’ – plant robots able to move and explore the environment with their smart sensors. Their ‘mother’ is researcher Barbara Mazzolai.
The ReUseHeat report Accessible Urban Waste Heat shows a significant heat recovery potential from unconventional excess heat sources. Approximately 1.2 EJ (or 340 TWh) per year are possible to recover from data centres, metro stations, service sector buildings, and waste water treatment plants. This corresponds to more than 10 percent of the EU's total energy demand for heat and hot water, which is approximately 10.7 EJ (or 2,980 TWh).
Health data is sensitive data. How much are you willing to share? Perspectives on this hotly debated question may vary depending on whether you live in the US or in Europe. Share your views on data and privacy at the LIV_IN Virtual Summit.
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Building information modelling (BIM) has disrupted the construction industry. The digital technology represents and processes all the characteristics of a building in its whole life-cycle, allowing architects, engineers and construction professionals to design and manage it in a more efficient way.
While vehicle manufacturers invest in research, authorities are working to improve charging infrastructure to support consumers’ growing interest in the sector. The day when electric cars dominate the passenger transport market no longer seems quite so distant.