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Researcher David Seekell of the Climate Impacts Research Centre, Umeå University, receives Umeå municipality’s scientific prize for young researchers. His research focuses on understanding the function of lakes in connection with climate change. The prize consists of SEK 50,000 and will be awarded at Umeå University’s Spring Graduation on May 18.
The EuroMarine network celebrated its fifth year connecting marine researchers across Europe at its annual General Assembly in Cádiz, Spain (30-31 January). Hosted by CEIMAR (International Campus of Excellence of the Sea) and the University of Cádiz, the event welcomed 59 attendees from 16 countries.
Sim4Blocks is producing a series of informative and fun factsheets to highlight some of the research and results in the project so far. A third factsheet has been published looking at the role of the aggregator.
At all times, beekeepers argued among themselves whether it is necessary to warm the hives for the winter. This method has both supporters and opponents. Currently, many beekeepers leave the bees for winter on the street just with a transparent plastic ceiling without any additional insulation - plastic film and a roof... and that's all . And the bees hibernate well.
Find out what is new with MERIL-2 and the developments that have been done in the portal.
Scientists at the Austrian Institute of Technology have published two papers on recent research on end-user programming in smart homes, investigating the complexities and challenges facing form-filling and data-flow visual programming.
Buildings need to become more energy efficient but also need to have greater energy flexibility to allow them to use more energy when it is cheap and clean. The NOVICE project has been examining how we can combine energy efficiency with demand response flexibility in non-domestic buildings by testing a new business model in which ESCOs and Aggregators can work together to provide this very service as a seamless turnkey solution that meets the needs of building owners and energy managers.
Online Laser Diagnostics for High-Temperature Chemistry in Biomass Combustion
Thermal Effects in Atomic and Molecular Polarizabilities with Path Integral Monte Carlo
Quantification of Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocyte Beating Mechanics using Video Microscopy Image Analysis