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New study shows connections between global environmental degradation and tax havens published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. On average 68% of all investigated foreign capital to sectors associated with deforestation of the Amazon rainforest was transferred through tax havens. 70% of the known fishing vessels involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing are, or have been, registered in tax havens. Loss of tax revenue caused by tax havens should be considered as indirect subsidies to economic activities with detrimental environmental consequences.
The VIRT-EU project invites working professionals in the field of design and technology to enter the VIRT-EU Design Challenge, to address how communal living can be supported and enhanced by the Internet of Things (IoT).
Last week the 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) was hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. This key event explored the potential of biomass to help achieve sustainable development and climate targets. CORDIS was proudly in attendance.
As a result of the experiment, a method of movement was discovered that allows the use of thermal energy from the environment.
We are pleased to invite you to our Altfinator “equity crowdfunding webinar”- June 13th at 11:30 am (CET). This one-hour webinar faces the lack of awareness and trust on crowdfunding instruments, combining views of crowdfunding provider and SME.
VES4US has created a PhD program with a co-funding scheme to hire new researchers. The CNR at Palermo (Italy), who is the coordinator partner of VES4US, calls for the involvement of industrial stakeholders through the participation in a co-funding scheme for PhD bursaries.
An Anti-inflammatory / Anti-Nociceptive Formulation consisting of a Semi-Synthetic Flavonol Glycoside and a Direct Colforsin Derivative that exerts FMO3 PGE2 and Nf-Kappa B Supressive Abilities.
This Section includes the Part 2 for the Above Mentioned Anti-inflammatory Formulation
Digital revolution and market forces poised to drive economic transformation away from fossil fuels, but not without the right policy mix and bold climate leadership.
Time: Sat 2019-08-03 11.30 - 16.00 Location: Karolinska Institutet and Rålambshovsparken Type of event: Miscellaneous Join us in the Stockholm Pride Parade!