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Benefits of FRUCT members

FRUCT members primary benefit by getting new competences and expanding professional network.

FRUCT identifies two levels of organization membership:

  • Full-members run R&D projects and other competence building activities; they are conference organizers and key contributors. Full-members are entitled to all FRUCT benefits
  • Observers can participate in the conferences and projects as well as to follow program’s progress. Observers are partly entitled to FRUCT benefits


What could FRUCT offer to your organization?

  • FRUCT provides framework for finding right partners and establishing direct contacts between experts
  • FRUCT helps universities to identify R&D niches they can take for cooperation with industrial partners
  • Partnering with industry provides association with strong brand, challenging and interesting research tasks and additional resources. As a result, stronger visibility attracts best students, keeps them at the departments and thus helps to solve resourcing problem
  • FRUCT helps universities to incubate new competences demanded by the industry. This is accomplished through joint conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, etc.
  • FRUCTs had agreements with high-standing scientific journals and assists in getting articles published.
  • Participation in FRUCT requires no fees.


What could FRUCT offer to students?

FRUCT goal is to help students realize their R&D ambitions and ensure on-going competence development.

For students FRUCT:

  • Organizes advanced technology trainings, contests, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Provides trainings on scientific writing, legal, management, etc.
  • Assists in finding a supervisor/tutor for a new project
  • Assists in finding  reviewers and/or opponent for MSc/PhD theses done on top of the FRUCT projects
  • Has agreements with high class seminars and conferences, where FRUCT members get special discounts and other benefits
  • Provides infrastructure for publishing articles and other materials
  • Ensures direct networking contacts with top academic and industry experts.
  • Provides first-hand information about summer and winter schools, internship and employment opportunities.


FRUCT student projects can be supported by donations of books, devices, access to scientific databases and library, etc. Best students also can apply for Nokia publication grants and scholarships.

Please see the list of our past events and trainings.

Participation in FRUCT activities requires no fees.

Please contact FRUCT secretariat for more information via info<at>