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7th FRUCT conference

7th Conference of Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT) Program will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on 26-30 April 2010, within scope of 4th Nokia week in St-Petersburg.

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Detailed program of 7th FRUCT conference has been published here .

We are glad to announce the following additional invited lectures:
20m Present and future Russian sector of Mobile Software development, by Valentin Makarov, RusSoft
1h Overview of recent developments in Qt and its learning offerings, by Vladimir Minenko, Nokia
45m LTE for Broadband Networking, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, TUT

We recommend you to make your hotel reservations well in advance.
We can help you to make reservation in student hostel of SUAI. It is located on Peredovikov, 13 building 1 (map). By public transport: any transport from metro "Ladogskaya" towards prospect Kosygina.
Accommodation Conditions: flat type 2+3 (room for 2 and room for 3 people) payment 354 rub/day from 1 person. Deadline for registration 18 of April.

The FRUCT conference on 28-30.04 will be held in the main building of SUAI university (B. Morskaya 67, map). This is very convenient location in the center of St-Petersburg, not far from St.Isaak cathedral. You can get to SUAI from metro "Nevsky prospect" by walking or trolleybus 5, 22 or bus 22, 3, 27; or by walking from metro "Sadovaya".

We are happy to announce the following additional invited lectures that were confirmed recently:
45m An importance of m-Health (Mobile Health) for the reforms in modern medicine, by Oleg Medvedev, MSU
30m NSN Company and portfolio&business lines overview, by Vladimir Shaporov, NSN

We are happy to announce the following additional invited lectures that were confirmed recently:
1.5h Scientific publishing process: writing and presenting of high quality papers, by Marko Hännikäinen, TUT
1h Applying Reasoning and Policy in Information Space Based Computing Environments, by Ian Oliver, Nokia
45m Trends in Video Coding and Processing, by Søren Forchhammer, DTU

The following invited lectures are confirmed:
1h MeeGo - operating everywhere, by Jeremiah Foster, Maemo
1h Maemo6 security framework, by Dmitry Kasatkin, Nokia
1h Lightweight security solutions, by Pekka Jäppinen, LUT
45m Nonlocal imaging: from sensor noise modeling to image restoration, by Karen Egiazarian, TUT
1.5h Modern interactive Internet services, by Andrey Terekhov, Valentin Onossovski, SPbSU

Due to numerous requests we decided to postpone the deadline for the article submission for the seventh FRUCT conference until March, 7th, so you have three more weeks to prepare and submit your article!


The FRUCT Program is one of the largest regional academia-to-industry and university-to-university cooperation frameworks. The seminars are attended by the representatives of over 10 FRUCT universities from Russia and Finland, industrial experts from Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Symbian Foundation, a number of guests from other companies and universities. The conference is a forum for the most active students, a chance to meet colleagues from industrial research and learn more about the FRUCT initiative. The conference provides an opportunity for student teams to present progress and results of their ongoing R&D projects and attend lectures given by the top academic and industrial experts. Traditionally the conference program consists of 1.5-2 days of intensive training for one of the hottest technologies and 2-2.5 days of the conference presentations.

We warmly welcome all university research teams to participate in the conference, present your research and joint the FRUCT Program. The conference participation is free, but requires pre-registration.

This call for participation is also available in PDF format.


The distinctive feature of modern IT and Telecommunications industries is in dramatic shortening of the period when technology remains commercially viable. On the one hand, this is due to the competition between key market players that are pushing all manufacturers to accelerate innovations; on the other hand, this is due to technological progress speed up caused by the growing expansion of intellectual resource invested into R&D and design activities. This trend is an important call and challenge for the leading educational and research institutions around the globe. In the FRUCT we believe that it is crucial to combine forces of EU and Russia to follow up the competition in adopting university education to the new industrial trends. The first step is to strength a bridge between Russian and Finnish academic worlds, increase visibility of involved research teams and set direct personal contacts between academic and industrial experts.


Please submit your full papers (paper templates: TEX, MS Word) or "presentation only" (based on 150-500 words abstract) proposals before March 7, 2010. Please note that papers and presentation only reports have to be done in line with the provided template for the paper header and paper body (for the full paper submissions). The FRUCT papers should be at least 2 full pages and the maximum length is 12 pages. The recommended size is 4-6 pages. The list of the conference focus topics is provided below, but you also welcome to propose new challenging R&D subjects:

●  Open source solutions, development and maintenance of large OSS, MAEMO  
●  Smart spaces, new use cases for well known devices, peripherals integration 
●  Inter-device connectivity, Embedded networks, Hardware/software co-design 
●  Software & Services for Mobile devices, Design of future applications and UIs 
●  Technology proofing, modeling, verification and validation, testing techniques 
●  Design and optimization of emerging wireless network technologies 
●  Energy management, new sources of energy, green technologies 
●  Security, management of personal and business privacy 
●  Modern air interfaces and protocols 
●  Mobile Video


Organizing committee secretary: Alexandra Reyss
The on-site conference contact person: Darya Ilina
All general questions about FRUCT conference please send to info<at>