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Maemo Endurance Testing

Problem Statement

Maemo is a Debian-based development platform for handheld devices (e.g. N770, N800, N810). It is built from free and open source components, which are well-known in desktop Linux world. Such ideology simplifies application porting.

The goal of the project is long-term fault testing of the Maemo based Nokia device (most probably N810). Long-term testing means to run the device and periodically do its status snapshots. Analysis of snapshots shows the resource leakage problems, e.g. memory leaks. Test rounds should be long enough (several days or several weeks). During the test device is driven by the automatic testing script.


For performing of this goal the framework for automated testing should be developed. The framework should re-use and enhance already existed automated testing facilities created for Maemo.

  • The following areas could be covered by testing:
  • Multimedia
  • Video and Audio calls
  • Browsing
  • Location
  • Office activity (Notes, PDF + mix of everything)

The expected results of the project could be classified in two categories: practical and theoretical.

The practical achievements should include:

  1. a number of automated tests which can be re-used by other testers
  2. approximate time of stabilized period (rare failures) duration
  3. weak areas, hardware or software (e.g multimedia or something else), also taking into account visibility for end-user
  4. low level information about faults (logs), minimally processed statistics

The possible theoretical findings are optional and could include ideas in the following areas:

  1. testing approaches
  2. ault detection, recovery and hiding methods
  3. fault injection and propagation for robustness testing

Graduated: 5th FRUCT seminar

Final presentation


List of team members and their organizations: 

Contact person: Evgeny Linsky

Project supervisor: Leonid Moiseichuk, Nokia.

Final deadline: 
Monday, April 27, 2009 (All day)