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Congratulations to the winners of Qt contest in Belgaum (India, 2012)

We are proudly announce results of the Qt contest in Belgaum (India, 2012).

The winner is project is Remote To-Do task list and Contact Retrieval

Team Members: Priyanka Sheelavant, Nikita Raikar

College: K.L.E.S.C.E.T, Belgaum

Project Description:

In todays world people tend to forget daily life things to do due to their work load, or some other reasons.. So this application is basically for aid of those peoples.
Here the application will be installed on users phone and always running in background.. The application will have a todo list.. Tasks can be added or removed from the list by user itself or remotely by any other friend or family member with the aid of text message.

For adding tasks manually normal graphical forms will be provided in the application But for adding a task remotely you have send a text sms to the user in a specific format.. The text message will be parsed and the task will be added to the users to-do list and the sender will be confirmed regarding addition of the task via a sms reply.

For adding task remotely user will be given a unique code which has to be specified at the start of text message.. That code will be some default value intially but later user can change it so that different users can have different codes.. and changing of that code will be password protected and password can also be changed.

Target Platforms: Symbian 5th Edition,Symbian^1,Symbian^3


The second winner project is Secure Hiden Chat

Team Members: Anurag B.Prashanth batt, charan S pai,

College: SriJayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore

Project Description: 

People have been using mobile phone to send SMS for more than 10 years. To secure the communication, the application, "Secure Hidden chat", is to provide some private messaging facilities which will direct the messages from special contacts to a particular folder such that the application itself will be password protected and only authorized users can access it.

This application could have a great demand among youth as they do prefer to hide some special communications which they never will to revel, not even in front of their close one.

Its best feature is hiding the name of your friend, with whom you are chatting at the instant, which is manually controlled and history will display conversation as "YOU and ME".

This Application uses QMessaging, QContacts APIs to store and keep history of chat. Once the app is launched the user need to be authenticated and select the contact with whom he/she need to chat, this settings will be saved and all messages he send/receive to/from saved contacts will be displayed in application window.

Application can be improved further by easy authentication like puzzle password where he/she just need to move stylus/finger in a particular pattern and also it can be extended to e-mails and IMs.

Target Platform: Maemo (Nokia N900)