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FRUCT Social Network

Background and Motivation: 

Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT) Association is a big and distinguished community that currently involves more than 20 universities from Russia, Finland, Denmark and Ukraine. The main goal of the community is support of international collaboration of R&D groups both from academy and industry, propagation of students and staff mobility and, therefore, increasing the overall level of research.
However, up to now there is no existing mechanism either for FRUCT members or not, to find information about particular person activities, their knowledge and interests. This fact makes the process of looking for possible colleagues to start a new project very complicated and time-consuming. Also the absence of the personal achievements ranking system reduces the association visibility.
To face these issues the set of web-oriented services, called “FRUCT Social Network” is proposed.

Project Summary: 

Stage 1 of FRUCT Social Network will cover colleagues search issues and personal pages creation. Current version of Social Network allows finding members details, including contact information, professional interests, education, etc., and communicating with other members via fruct.org.
Stage 2 of the Service Set also provides the possibility of personalization of member’s web-pages by creating CVs and sharing publications via fuct.org web-site.
Stage 3 is targeting deep integration of the Social Network into existing web-services of FRUCT community. This step increases the usability level of the Service Set and solves several management issues.
Stage 4 is mainly aimed to statistics module development to maintain the Service Set and monitor the project visibility within the community.

Project goals and future research directions: 
<p>&bull; Personal web-pages creation by FRUCT members<br /> &bull; Deep integration with existing FRUCT services<br /> &bull; Development of services to share experience (e. g. publications and slides) within the community<br /> &bull; Monitoring of the service lifecycle and responding to further community needs</p>
List of team members and their organizations: 

Vitaly Petrov, Tampere University of Technology
Valery Kirkizh, State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Maria Komar, Yaroslavl State University
Polina Shishkina, Yaroslavl State University

Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

September, 2011 – project started
November, 2011  – draft version of personal pages presented on FRUCT 10
April, 2012 – release version of personal pages presented on FRUCT 11
May, 2012 – draft version of CV generation service and statistics module developed
September, 2012 (estimated) – Service Set Beta release
November, 2012 (estimated) – stable version of the Service Set presented on FRUCT 12

Final deadline: 
Friday, April 24, 2015 (All day)