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Microsoft expert developer webinars on apps development and testing in June

Please join us on expert developer webinars conducted in co-operation with Nokia Expert Centre and Microsoft Windows Phone Global Business Support top expertsTopics  (see the list & short descriptions below) are in the context of applications development for companies, but the ideas applies to all kind of applications. 

Developing Company Hub Apps for Windows Phone 8.1

3 June, 16.00 London time will be given by Eric Fleck and Rashmi Anoop, Microsoft


 Windows Phone 8.1 enables companies to publish and distribute Windows Phone apps directly to their employees or other users, bypassing the Windows Phone Store.

In this session we will go through the steps required to develop and distribute Company hub apps: how to create a Company Hub application that serves as a portal to company-specific applications. This includes the information needed to acquire certificate to sign and distribute Company hub apps in Windows Phone 8.1. We also tell how to use the Company Hub for sharing information, such as latest company news, upcoming events, and notifications by utilizing WNS for MDM Push Notifications.

 Debugging your Direct3D apps for Windows Phone 8.1

10 June, 16.00 London time will be given by Rob Caplan and James Dailey, Microsoft               


 With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 the Visual Studio team has added advanced graphics debugging tools from Windows and Windows Store apps to Windows Phone 8.1. You can now inspect how each pixel your Direct3D scene has been created. This new tool is perfect for debugging complex shader bugs and strange performance issues in your app. In this session we will walk you through using these new graphics debugging tools. We will take you step by step and show you how to use the tools to debug issues with your shader. We will also show you techniques that you can use with these tools to track down and eliminate performance problems in your app.

 Developing Universal Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

17 June, 16:00 London time will be given by Matthew Small and Jeff Sanders, Microsoft


 Universal Apps and Windows Azure Mobile Services are a perfect combination to create apps that connect to the same cloud data quickly and easily while sharing common code.  In this session will cover the basics of creating a Mobile Service locally using a .NET backend and debugging techniques.  We then will connect our Phone and Tablet to the Mobile Service and use shared code in Windows 8.1 Universal Apps utilizing MVVM techniques.

 Optimizing Windows Phone Apps using Performance and Diagnostics Tools

24 June, 16:00 London time will be given by Bret Bentzinger and Prashant Phadke, Microsoft


 In this session we will show how to best utilize the Windows Phone API's to minimize battery drain while utilizing the maximum benefits of having multiple cores on your Phone. We will use a sample application, along with the new Performance and Diagnostic tools, to illustrate the difference in battery consumption for a synchronous operation versus utilizing multiple CPU’s in an asynchronous operation.