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10th FRUCT Conference: General Information

The 10th conference of the Open Innovations Framework Program FRUCT will be held in Tampere, Finland, on 7-11 November 2011. This project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.



Public transport in Tampere area

There are only buses. Bus fare is 2.50 EUR. At night (00:00 - 04:40) you will be charged extra night 2.50 EUR. Bus ticket allows you to board any bus line for 1 hour after you have bought it. If you are waiting for a bus, raise your hand to make it stop, otherwise driver will think that you are waiting for another bus. Inside a bus, if you want to leave press STOP button. Most buses leave every 15 minutes, but during the night intervals can reach 40 minutes.
It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach city center from Hervanta on buses 23 and 13, and 15 minutes on buses 20 and 30. There are timetables at most bus stops showing all bus lines stopping at this particular stop. There are always 3 timetables: workdays (gray), Saturdays (yellow) and Sundays (red).
If you lost, there are 3 most notable points in Tampere: Bus station (Linja-autoasema), Central Square (Keskustori/Centrum), and railway station (Rautatieasema). Most local buses have a stop at the central square bus station. Long distance buses leave from the bus station.
If you arrive by train, there is a Go-Tampere tourist info point inside the train station. There you can get free city maps of a really high quality, and also get answers on whatever questions you might have (i.e. restaurants and such).
Railway station -> Hervanta (Bus line 13 or 23):
From railway station you can board bus 23 or 13. To get out at the right spot, look to the RIGHT window for the large DUO sign. Then wait for the bus to turn LEFT and press stop. It will get you out in the Hermia research center.
Railway station -> Hotel Cumulus Hameenpuisto 47:
Easiest way is to go on foot. Follow Hameenkatu street until the end. Turn left, and your destination will be on the left hand side. You can take bus 13 that goes along Hameenkatu street, but usually waiting for the bus takes longer.
Hotel Cumulus Hameenpuisto 47 -> Hermia: Nearest bus stop is bus 13 at Hameenkatu.
Useful links: Tampere journey planner, real-time bus position monitor.

Smart Conference User Client Installation Guide

Installation instructions for SmartConference client (N900, Maemo 5)

  1. Connect to Extras-Devel repository. To install Extras-Devel repository open applications manager and create catalog: catalogue name: Extras-Devel; web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/; distribution: fremantle; components: free non-free.
  2. Find the SmartConference package and install it (if you get questions read paper "Smart Conference Services at 10th FRUCT Conference" p. 178 in the 10th FRUCT proceedings).
  3. At the start of application you need to set IP address, port, and SIB name provided by conference organizers.

Installation instructions for SmartScribo client (N900, Maemo 5)

  1. After installing SmartConference client, download SmartScribo deb-package.
  2. Install the package and launch SmartScribo client. At the first launch the client creates config file: ~/.smartscribo/config; edit IP address of the smart conference SIB provided by conference organizers.
  3. Launch SmartScribo client. Choose in the dropdown list "LJ SmartConference" and click OK.

To switch between SmartConference and SmartScribo: choose Switch on Scribo in SmartConference client; in the SmartScribo client menu choose Switch on SCS. Read more about SmartConference and the SmartScribo user guideline.

Overview of FRUCT

FRUCT is the largest regional cooperation framework between academia and industry in form of open innovations. FRUCT conferences are attended by the representatives of 20 FRUCT member universities from Russia, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Ukraine, industrial experts from Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Intel, Magister Solutions Oy and a number of guests from other companies and universities.
The conference is an R&D forum for the most active students, academic experts, industrial researchers and influential representatives of business and government. The conference invites the world-class academic and industrial researcher to give lectures on the most relevant topics, provides an opportunity for student teams to present progress and results of their R&D projects, meet new interesting people and form new R&D teams. The conference program consists of 3 to 5 intensive (½ or full day) trainings on the most promising technologies, plus 3 days of the main conference.
Traditionally FRUCT conferences pay a lot of attention to development of the Open Source principles and support the corresponding activities and communities. The conference is targeted to discuss the current status and scenarios for future development of MeeGo platform. Development on Qt is another key topic of the conference. To increase awareness on these topics, we organizing MeeGo and Qt trainings within the conference scope. Also the conference demo session will include a lot of demos done on MeeGo and Qt. The conference is supported by the local MeeGo community and we welcome all MeeGo and Qt developers to attend this event.
FRUCT warmly welcome all university research teams to participate in the conference, present your research and join the FRUCT Program. Thanks to our sponsors, all participants can enjoy free of charge registration to the event, but the online registration must be done by everyone before the conference. This call for participation is also available in PDF format.

Background and motivation

The distinctive feature of modern IT and Telecommunications industries is in dramatic shortening of the period when technology remains commercially viable. On the one hand, this is due to the competition between key market players that are pushing all manufacturers to accelerate innovations; on the other hand, this is due to technological progress speed up caused by the growing expansion of intellectual resource invested into R&D and design activities. This trend is an important call and challenge for the leading educational and research institutions around the globe. In the FRUCT we believe that it is crucial to combine forces of EU and Russia to follow up the competition in adopting university education to the new industrial trends. The first step is to strength a bridge between Russian and Finnish academic worlds, increase visibility of involved research teams and set direct personal contacts between academic and industrial experts.

Call for papers and presentations

Submit your full papers (up to 12 pages)  and extended abstracts (min 200 words, max 2 pages) for project in progress and poster/demo by September 19, 2011. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by the technical committee. Please follow provided paper templates: TEX, MS Word. The list of the conference focus topics is provided below (we welcome you to propose new challenging R&D topics):

  • Open source cross-platform solutions projects for MeeGo OS
  • Cross-platform development and improvement of Qt platform
  • Smart spaces, new services, context analysis and data mining
  • Software and services for mobile devices, future applications design, UIs
  • Technology proofing, modeling, verification, validation, testing techniques
  • Mobile device security, management of personal and business privacy
  • Design and optimization of emerging wireless network technologies
  • Energy management, new sources of energy, green technologies
  • Energy efficient design of sensors, integration of peripherals
  • Modern network architectures, air interfaces and protocols
  • Inter-device connectivity, embedded networks, co-design
  • Mobile multimedia and video services and solutions
  • Mobile-Health, fitness and medical mobile solutions

All conference papers and abstracts will be published in FRUCT proceeding and selected papers will be selected for further improvement and then recommended for publication in IEEE journals.


Chair of the local organizing committee: Yevgeni Koucheryavy

Conference secretaries: Alexander Pyattaev and Ekaterina Dashkova

All general questions about FRUCT conference please send to info<at>fruct.org