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NRC presents "Smart-M3" open source platform

Nokia Research Center (NRC) presented the "Smart-M3" open source platform at the NoTA Conference (www.vtt.fi/nota2009) Sept 30 - Oct 1, San Jose.

Smart-M3 is a new functional software platform developed by NRC Helsinki in partnership with SOFIA and the Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem project - DIEM). It allows multiple applications from multiple vendors to share ad-hoc information across numerous domains, enabling cross domain and cross platform interoperability.

NRC will present two Smart-M3 demonstrations at the NoTA Conference; an automotive solution created in partnership with the SOFIA project which shows how Smart-M3 can integrate new in-car cross platform services, and a highly personalized gaming experience which uses a player's personal preferences and profiles to adapt the gaming experience.

Smart-M3 will available to all developers under open license. To learn more about Smart-M3 visit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/smart-m3/.