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Graphical-based user authentication schemes for mobile devices

Background and Motivation: 

Huge amount of personal information is stored in the mobile devices now. This requires high-qualified security system in order to provide data confidentiality, if the device is lost or stolen. The main part of such system is an authentication module, and there are several methods used to solve this problem. However, traditional schemes, based on usage of text passwords, are not suitable for mobile devices because of their drawbacks. The main drawbacks are bad memorability and inconvenience for the user, if the device does not have a hardware keyboard. In this case Graphical Passwords (GP) can become a good alternative, because of better memorability, ease of input on a touchscreen, and even higher security level.

Project Summary: 

Despite the presence of some good enough GP schemes, there is no persuasive method to compare them. While the field investigation, which is expensive, subjective and difficult to repeat, is the only way used to evaluate the usability level, common technique to assess the level of security does not exist at all. And the main goal of the project is to propose novel automated and theoretical methods to evaluate the security level of different GP schemes widely used in mobile devices.

Project goals and future research directions: 
<p>There are two more goals of the project: to compare widely-used GP schemes using suggested method and to propose a GP scheme with better parameters. The novel scheme can be based on HMM and technologies used in signature verification or other methods, that allow to construct the system, that could be possible to insert in different mobile devices with touchscreen.</p>
List of team members and their organizations: 

Vitaly Petrov, graduate student, SUAI Alexandra Afanasyeva, PhD student, SUAI

Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

November 2009 – project starts April 2010, FRUCT 9 – abstract V. Petrov, A. Afanasyeva “Graphical-based User Authentication Schemes for Mobile Devices Evaluation” September 2010, AIS Conference, FRUCT Session – article, describing the project status and accomplished goals. November 2010, FRUCT 10 – article, describing the project results.

Final deadline: 
пятница, ноября 11, 2011 (Весь день)