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MySocials: A Client for Social Network Services

Background and Motivation: 


Nowadays social networks are the most popular and widespread services. There are several world leaders and some strong regional services in this area. Also there are universal and special social networks. For example, Facebook and VKontakte are the universal social networks, but Flickr and Picasa Web Albums specialize in images and videos. An active user of the Internet usually has several accounts on different social services. Sometimes it is hard to be updated about all the changes that happen every day. It could cause some practical inconveniences and addition waste of time for users. Therefore, there is a need of special application which could combine working with different services into working with one client.




List of team members and their organizations: 

Contact person:


Current developers:

  • Pavel Shiryaev, bachelor student
  • Konstantin Kirpichenok, bachelor student
  • Sergey Zakharov, master student
  • Anna Samoryadova, bachelor student
  • Kirill Ivashov, master student
  • Vladimir Dmitriev, bachelor student

Past developers:

  • Andrey Bogachev
  • Ilia Burlak
  • Alexander Lomov


  • Alexander Borodin, Senior Lecturer, project leader and instructor (till Autumn 2009)
Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

2009: Studing of different social networks, technologies and development tools. Developing the first prototype of MySocials client.

2010: Updating of MySocials architecture (division into logic, drivers for access to social networks and user interface). Adding functionality for working with images. Publication of MySocials client for MeeGo platform.

winter-spring 2011: Developing a new Qt based version of MySocials client.

summer 2011: Publication of MySocials client for Nokia N9 (MeeGo 1.2). Adding functionality for working with multimedia.

autumn 2011: Report about current state of the project at 10th FRUCT conference. Future proposals.

Final deadline: 
четверг, марта 1, 2012 (Весь день)