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Open Source Linux Lab (OSLL) website

Current situation

OSLL is a group of students, postgraduates, professors and independent professionals in Computer science and Software development. Initially, it has been grown on Computer Science Department of Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University. Current OSLL activities are concerned with wireless networks and network simulation, knowledge engineering based on ontologies, serverless network file system, OLPC/XO, Nokia MAEMO internet tablet, gcc vectorization.


  • OSLL hasn't centralized web resource for project presentation;
  • All information, documentation stored in non-reliable personal pages and home compurters;
  • New students (potential participants) hasn't access to information;

Our goals

  • Make a web resource for collaboration and development process
  • Present all information for our activities and take access to all our results and sources
  • Support reliable RCS storage for sources
  • Support communication abilities (forums, mail-lists and so on)
  • To involve more and more students and developers for OSS development in Saint-Petersburg


1st of December runs on the website osll.spb.ru

Future: support and content management


Project leader is Paul Zubarev




Final deadline: 
пятница, октября 30, 2009 (Весь день)