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Open-source implementation of 802.11s (open80211s) on Nokia N810 internet tablet

Nokia's N8x0 has 2.6.21 kernel and wifi driver (without mesh support), but there are opensource mac80211-based driver (published at 8.09.2008 by Nokia). As you know, since 2.6.26 kernel linux contains some mac80211-code for support mesh connections.

We are going to make Nokia N810 internet tablet as 802.11s mesh capable devices using open-source implementation of 802.11s (open80211s). The main target is to get the first practical experiences of the possibilities of the technology and services it allows.

Project stages

1. Kernel update

We are building and installing new kernel on N8x0 and setup mesh. Target date: December 2008

2. Investigation

We are testing communication between several N8x0 devices by using driver debug interfaces and/or wireless monitoring. We will try to make testing ramework for WLAN investigation. (Public report on FRUCT). Target date: March/April 2009

3. Improving/testing

We are testing features of open-source implementation of 802.11s and detect areas for improvement.

Long-term ideas

  1. Testing heterogeneous mesh networks
  2. Improvement of routing procedures
  3. Creating full-functional testing tool-set (framework).
  4. Connect implementation activities with simulation modeling in NS2 (Project: )

Project team

Project Leader: Paul Zubarev, LETI
Industrial Tutor: Mika Kasslin, Nokia expert on 802.11s
Project Professor: Kirill Krinkin, LETI

Project homepage on OSLL site is http://osll.spb.ru/projects/show/n8x0-mesh

Current project status (updated 02/15/2009) putted on project wiki page http://osll.spb.ru/wiki/n8x0-mesh


Final deadline: 
суббота, октября 31, 2009 (Весь день)