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Porting WidSets to the Maemo Platform


The goal of the project is to provide WidSets widgets to the Maemo platform and to make them integrate nicely into Hildon user interface. The two key problems of the project are creating performance-effective port of WidSets software on Maemo and developing a software layer to integrate widgets into the tablet desktop environment.

The Maemo port of WidSets software will use GCJ Java-to-native code compiler, GNU Classpath (Java API implementation), and MidPath library (MIDP2 implementation). Modifications will be made to these open-source libraries. The modifications are necessary to maintain compatibility with WidSets software and to provide integration with the Maemo platform.

Timing and Deliverables

02.09. Meeting with instructor, project planning, analysis of WidSets porting and integration possibilities. Requirement modeling and specification.

03.09. Design the project architecture.

04.09. Coding, testing.

05.09. Testing, debugging. Attestation. Final presentation.

Summer '09 (optionally) Experimenting.

Autumn '09 (optionally) Publishing the code in the MAEMO garage. Project report paper for FRUCT seminar. Decision on continuation of the project.

Project Team

Instructor: Mikhail Kryshen


  • Stanislav Epifanov, 3rd year student, responsible developer;
  • Kirill Ivashov, 3th year student, developer;
  • Alexander Sannikov, 3rd year student, developer;
  • Dmitry Sidorov, 3rd year student, developer, project secretary;
  • Lev Terentyevf, 1st year student, developer.


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Final deadline: 
понедельник, ноября 9, 2009 (Весь день)