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WebDAV implementation for MAEMO


WebDAV is universal protocol intended for providing file access over HTTP protocol. Its usage looks promising for organizing mobile devices collaboration and file sharing between them. We get flexible and extensible replacement for base file transfer protocols (like bluetooth file transfer service). Computing power and OS functionality of modern mobile devices allow us to run lightweigh network servers on them.

Accordingly there are wide future trends for creating infrastructure, that supports collaboration and file access, based on mobile devices combined into dynamic networks. These abilities may find a use for spontaneous meetings holding, mobile teams workflows organizing and just for persons, who want to keep some set of documents published.

Key aspect of these scenarios is simplicity of files publishing and getting access to them. The former shall be provided by the development of simple and user friendly utilities for server configuration. The latter can be provided on the one hand by protocol itself (as access is possible througth any web-browser) and on the other hand by the development of special utilities for remote file operating.

Project goals

Short-term goals

  1. Creating of a lightweight WebDAV server or its porting to Maemo platform.
  2. Creating of a simple, user-friendly GUI for server customizing and setting file sharing options.
  3. Creating of a simple, user-friendly WebDAV client for Maemo.

Long-term goals

  1. Appraisal of demand on file sharing software facilities for mobile platforms.
  2. Development of employment methods and usage scenarios of such facilities.
  3. Development of software prototypes that implement former methods and scenarios.


  1. Review of existing WebDAV-servers and client-side libraries. November, 2008
  2. WebDAV server porting to Maemo platform. December, 2008
  3. GUI development for server customizing. January-February, 2009
  4. Maemo WebDAV client development. February-May, 2009
  5. Prototype creation. April, 2009
  6. Developed software publication(on Maemo garage). Making decision about further project advancing. Summer, 2009
  7. Preparing report and appear on FRUCT conference. Autumn, 2009


Project Leader: Alexey Zlobin
Mark Zaslavsky


Final deadline: 
четверг, апреля 30, 2009 (Весь день)