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Aggregation protocols evolution analysis

Motivation and summary

With explosive growth of web information services' number users usually have less and less possibility to track new messages from these sources. Solution of this problem were aggregation protocols like RSS or ATOM. But web is evolving and now there are more requirements for such protocols. All protocol inventors are now working on improvement of old formats. For example, RSS 3.0 creation is in progress with many important changes in protocol structure.

We are going to analyse existing weak points and requirements of aggregation protocols, trends in their evolution and propose a novel protocol (or existing protocol improvements) for data aggregation and distribution.

Project goals

The main project goals are creation and implementation of novel protocol for data distribution and aggregation.

We see following steps during our work:

  1. detailed review of existing aggregation protocols
  2. determination of their weak points and evolution trends
  3. proposing of a novel protocol based on investigations done in 2
  4. implementation of such protocol


Timeline and deliverables

Suggested time for this project is 6-8 months. Final results will be presented at spring FRUCT seminar.

Main deliverables are:

  • An article describing current state of art, weak points, trends and proposed protocol
  • A technical implementation of server and client both using this protocol



Petr Nuzgnov, student at N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod - project leader
Diana Ilina, student at N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
Alexey Koren, PhD student at SUAI


Final deadline: 
пятница, октября 30, 2009 (Весь день)