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Expert control system convenience UI

The project motivation and summary

Usability testing - this is an experimental method of assessing user Interface product (for example, the site, but not only), built on bringing his actual or potential users.

Tracking the movement of the eye, you can determine where the user watches. There are methods to watching every movement of his eyes, to identify areas that attract his most attention. Research in this area can draw conclusions about how users feel comfortable.

Our main concept is the idea that the eye - the only body senses that directly interact with a graphical interface, which means that it is the eye, will be the first to respond to this interface. If we can identify reactions eyes to the inconvenient elements (to assess the elements that are not quite comfortable or not seen eye), then we can build an effective system to assess graphical interface (GUI), which is not tied to the experts, and is more objective and cheap to use.

Another difficulty is created so that the screen mobile phone - a small, and thus the amplitude pupil (according to the geometric optics) will be significantly less than in the study of images on a computer screen. And the results would be different even from the presence of peripheral vision that encompasses the entire screen mobile phone, on his part not only in the case of the PC.

To date, there are 2 for testing the quality GUI. The first - examines the personal attention that is necessary for promotional purposes (placement of banners, advertisements). The second track - psychophysical analysis of human-machine, identifying the elements of conscious psychophysical maximum load. In this regard apply probabilistic methods based on survey rights - which he likes and does not like.

Project goals

Create an automatic control system of graphical interfaces for mobile phones, allowing only the very interface to find items unsuitable for human perception.
Short-term goals:

  1. Develop a program to determine the path of the human eye pupil
  2. To explore the features of perception screen mobile devices human eye
  3. Identify the elements of conduct pupil eyes at the facilities uncomfortable for the perception of rights
  4. Develop a system to assess the convenience of the user interfaces for graphics devices

Long-term goals:

  1. Develop a learning neural network, which can play back the path of human eye without a real experiment
  2. Combine item 4 and 5 in a uniform system for testing the quality of graphical interfaces


Timeline and deliverables

Short term (5-7 months) the results of the following: 

  1. Evidence medicine to assess the quality of UI for mobile applications
  2. Features perception UI mobile applications

The long-term deliverable is - development of complete technical solutions for this system.



Contact person: Ilina Diana, Mikhail Smirnov


Final deadline: 
пятница, ноября 5, 2010 (Весь день)