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Personal Organizer in the Internet event space

Project description

This project aims at development of an application for planning and managing personal events based on different Internet services (organizer). Such events are created by a user on her own or taken from Internet (e.g., services Google and VKontakte.ru). Therefore, the organizer, in contrast to other organizers, additionally allows surfing the Internet event space with collecting interesting events for personal use.

Events are closely related to concrete persons, and the organizer maintains a contact list. Its content is typically available from the system address book, but the organizer also can exploit user profiles from social networks (e.g., VKontakte.ru). Based on the contacts a user can invite and notify other persons to participate in appropriate events. The FOAF (an acronym of Friend of a Friend) ontology is used as a storage format for contact data.

The organizer keeps all events locally. If necessary, user can synchronize the organizer with such services like Google Calendar. The organizer is for the Maemo platform (e.g., Nokia Internet Tablets N8x0).

The basic functionality of organizer is the following:

  • Presentation of events structurally (on day, week, etc. basis)
  • Editing events. For each event a user can specify the following: date, start time, end time, name, description, location, persons invited, reminding mark, periodicity (e.g., every Monday since 01.03.2009 to 01.04.2009).
  • Surfing the Internet event space. A user searches interesting events using such services like Google or VKontakte.ru. The latter provides public events that can be interesting to the user (e.g., a rock concert or a meeting of friends).
  • Contact list. At this phase, the service VKontakte.ru is used to retrieve contact data of other persons (exploiting user profiles). For each record in the list the following data are kept: name, photo, home address, work address, phone numbers, fax, email, ICQ, jabber, Vkontakte ID, etc.
  • Events reminder. For events with reminding marks a notification message appears on the screen with given periodicity.
  • Notification of invited persons. Each invited person is notified about a coming event using the contact list data. Notifications can be sent via such services as VKontakte.ru, e-mail, etc.



  1. Constructing a prototype of the described application for the MAEMO platform.
  2. Testing the idea of integration of several Internet services (Google Calendar and Vkontakte.ru).


Timing and Deliverables


February-August 2009:

  • Initial plan
  • Requirement analysis
  • Requirement modeling and specification
  • Coding, testing
  • Working prototype for Maemo 4


September 2009-April 2010:

  • Coding, testing, debugging, localization
  • Experiments and porting on Maemo 5
  • Architecture refactoring
  • Coding, testing, debugging
  •  Project presentation


Project Team


  • Vyacheslav Dimitrov, project leader
  • Aleksandr Kolosov, project expert
  • Stanislav Epifanov (bachelor student), network interaction
  • Kirill Ivashov (bachelor student), storage subsystem, testing
  • Evgeniy Tsvetkov, 4rd year student



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Final deadline: 
пятница, апреля 30, 2010 (Весь день)