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Building a Model of a Smart City

Project motivation and summary

Every day a citizen of a big city faces such occurrences as problems in municipal sphere, disadvantages of public transport, traffic jams, overcrowded streets, imperfection of ervices, etс. And there is a need of more effective time usage that correlates with ighlighted problems. Infrastructure that already exists and potentially can be developed provides citizens with opportunity to solve globalization problems.

An idea of "Smart City" is the idea of interaction (informational exchange) between the citizen and city infrastructure. However, this information exchange is profitable not only or the citizen, but also for city authorities. They are interested in it in order to facilitate accomplishment of additional process and concentrate on solving core tasks. The project ill be done in 2 parts addressing short–term and long-term targets the first phase is expected to last about 9-12 months and focus primary on the gathering information and corresponding theoretical investigation. The second long-term part is technical part that uses theoretical findings of the first part for developing and implementing prototype solution for the identified problems.

Project goals

Short-term goals

  1. Make an overview of existing theoretical achievements similar to “Smart city”
  2. Investigate non-technical ( e.g. administrative and legal ) infrastructure issues
  3. Analyze and assess existing city (Saint-Petersburg) infrastructure
  4. Assess constantly growing necessities

Long-term goals

  1. Create a prototype of facilitating mechanism named “Smart City”
  2. Implement the proposed mechanism.

Timeline and deliverables

The short-term (9-12 month) deliverables are following:

  1. An article describing current infrastructure conditions and determining existing problems.
  2. An article describing basic features of the system needed for solving of the current problems.

The long-term deliverable is a proposal and development of the full technical solution for reating "Smart City" system.

Project team

Pavel Gonchukov, student, SUAI - project leader
Anastasia Starkova, student, SUAI
Alexey Koren, PhD student, SUAI


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Final deadline: 
пятница, декабря 31, 2010 (Весь день)