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Pecha Kucha for Smart Conference

Background and Motivation: 

Smart Conference System is a system, which aim is to intelligently assist resolving of complicated conference routines by automating the work of conference organizers and providing useful services to conference participants. For now, the main scenario of participation in Smart Conference implies that every speaker or visitor uses a client application. With the use of this application participants can browse current schedule of the section, current slide of the talk being presented, detailed information about talks, participant interests, and many more.

Smart Conference System is a rather flexible system due to its architecture based on loosely-coupled services which interact via Smart Space. This flexibility allows to implement different scenarios corresponding to different ways of conference organization. Pecha Kucha provides one of such scenarios.

Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images are changed automatically during your talk. The main use case for this style of presentation called Pecha Kucha Night, which is often used to present creative projects or work. This format was invented in order to prevent participant from showing long and boring presentations, which make auditory nap during the conference. This format encourage dynamic and clear talks, which makes it useful for learning of students on how to present their work at the conference.

Project Summary: 

The project is intended to enable support for Pecha Kucha style presentations into the Smart Conference system by supplying it with automatic slide changer and initiator of slide change process.

As the process of slide switching is fully automated, there is no need to control it from speaker's mobile device as it is done in the existing Smart Conference scenario. The only thing that presenter have to do is to make his/her presentation available for slide changing module in some way.

Technically, within the project we develop 2 KPs: Pecha Kucha KP and Controller KP. Pecha Kucha KP controls presentation flow according to specified slide show period. This KP acts as a client application for Smart Conference System. The initiation of slide changing is governed by Controller KP. This software is installed on chairman's mobile device and/or on presenter's information panel to allow either the presenter or the chairman to initiate the process.

A good use case for Pecha Kucha is provided by poster/demo sessions, which are held at FRUCT conferences. The materials for the session are managed by Poster presentations management system which is being developed in Laboratory of Intelligent Systems ITMO.

Poster/demo session begins with a presentation round, where each participant highlights main ideas of the forthcoming demo. The main aim of presenter is to interest listeners in his/her demo, so the presentation should be short and bright, which would be perfectly made in Pecha Kucha fashion.

Short information about demo along with presentation and avatar files are stored in Poster presentation management system. So we need an integration module, which provides necessary data from Poster presentation management system for components of Smart Conference System, including presentation files and initial schedule of the session.

Project goals and future research directions: 
<p>The main goal of the project is to provide components, allowing Pecha Kucha support for Smart Conference System.<br /> Another goal is to provide seamless integration of Poster Presentation System with Smart Conference System, which will give advantages of both systems for presenters and visitors of the demo session.</p>
List of team members and their organizations: 

Ilya Paramonov, senior lecturer: supervisor
Andrey Vasilev, post-graduate student: project leader
Ivan Timofeev, 3th year student: developer
Organization: Yaroslavl State University

Alexey Kashevnik, PhD: consultant
Organization: SPIIRAS

Pavel Smirnov: consultant
Organization: ITMO


[Abstract, Demo] I. Paramonov, A. Vasilev. “Pecha Kucha Support for Smart Conference System,” in Proceedings of the 10th Conference of Open Innovation Association FRUCT and the 2nd Finnish-Russian Mobile Linux Summit, 2011, p. 184.

Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

August 2011. Development of primary use case, functional specification, and application architecture.
August-September 2011. Composition of manual for participants of poster/demo session of 10th FRUCT Conference on how to make Pecha Kucha aware presentations.
September-October 2011. Development of application components.
October 2011. Integration and system testing of developed soultion.
November 2011. Testing of developed solution during the poster session at 10th FRUCT Conference.
January-March 2012. Application improvements based on testing results.
April 2011. Final report and presentation of developed solution during the poster session at 11th FRUCT Conference.

Final deadline: 
понедельник, апреля 30, 2012 (Весь день)