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FLoC 2010: Student Travel Grants

The 2010 FEDERATED LOGIC CONFERENCE (FLoC'10) will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K., on July 9-21, 2010. The following conferences will participate in FLoC:

- CAV 2010: Int'l Conference on Computer-Aided Verification
- CSF 2010: IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium
- ICLP 2010: Int'l Conference on Logic Programming
- IJCAR 2010: Int'l Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
- ITP 2010: Int'l Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving
- LICS 2010: IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
- RTA 2010: Int'l Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications
- SAT 2010: Int'l Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing

PThe eight major conferences will be accompanied by more than fifty workshops and other affiliated events.
FLoC has received funds to provide travel grants of up to $750 for student participants of FLoC'10 and expect to award about 100 grants. Funds can be requested to cover airfare and lodging. Application deadline is May 3, 2010. Application form is available at http://www.floc-conference.org/floc-student-grants.html.