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The quest for groundbreaking new netbook applications is extremely rewarding.

The Intel® Atom™ Developer Challenge is designed to encourage breakthrough applications that fundamentally change the user experience on a netbook featuring an Intel Atom processor. This is your opportunity to be rewarded for your development skills and creativity, while potentially seeing your application used on millions of netbooks worldwide.

Follow two simple steps to enter the Intel Atom Developer Challenge starting March 9 through August 16, 2010. The earlier your application is entered, the more prizes it will be eligible for. 1) Join the Intel Atom Developer Program at appdeveloper.intel.com to access everything you need to develop and sell your innovative netbook applications to millions of netbook users! The $99 yearly fee is waived for a limited time, so enroll in the program today! 2) Once you have uploaded your application to the program, enter the Challenge to win fantastic prizes!

For full details, please refer to the official rules.