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Integration Smart conference and live journal


This project aims to develop a subsystem for commenting in Smart Conference System. The basic idea is to provide conference participants software tools for communication, which enable the exchange of comments, to ask the speakers questions and get answers before, during and after their performance. This project allows to participate in the discussion of presentations to persons located remotely and monitored the conference via the Internet. This is achieved as follows: on server LiveJournal creates a post for each report, and remote participants can add comments to it. The task of the developed subsystem is synchronization hierarchy LiveJournal comments and information held in the conference Smart Space. Thus, a LiveJournal server and the conference Smart Space will store the identical to-date information, and as direct participants of the conference, and remote participants will have access to it.

Project stages

  • Investigation
    1. Investigation LiveJournal API and choice the best communication protocol.
    2. Investigation of C++ interface for interaction with Smart Space.
    3. Behavior model for Blog Processor.
      Start Date: 01 January 2011
      Target Date: 01 February 2011
  • Implementation
    1. Deploying a local LiveJournal server.
    2. Architecting Blog Processor.
    3. The implementation of the module to work with LiveJournal.
    4. Implementation module for working with Smart Space.
    5. Implementation of core functionality (synchronizer).
      Start Date: 01 February 2011
      Target Date: 01 April 2011
  • Improvement and Testing
    1. Testing the Blog Processor with test Smart Space and LiveJournal server.
      Start Date: 01 April 2011
      Target Date: 10 April 2011




Project team

  • Project Supervisor:  Kirill Krinkin (LETI)
  • Developers: Yury Korolev, Kirill Yudenok, Elena Kaina, Kristina Kurian

Project homepage

Final deadline: 
суббота, апреля 30, 2011 (Весь день)