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Embedded Networks

Security in Embedded Networks

Embedded networks (EN) become more and more widespread in modern systems. However security issues for these networks are not even well-defined. Furthermore, there is a lack of suitable, power and cost efficient prior art solutions in this area. Lack of such study may restrict, hinder or render unsuitable ENs, especially since they start to serve new sensitive areas. The project is targeted in making overview of the prior art and generation of recommendations for fulfilling knowledge gap in the field. Project goals:

  1. Consider the Embedded Networks from the security point of view. Make an analysis of the possible attacks in these networks; including focusing on specifics of Network-on-Chip (NoC) and chip-to-chip architectures.
  2. Make an overview of the available security solutions for EN and their weak points. Study prior art in the security domain and identify other solutions, which might be adopted for the ENs. Choose the most suitable solution and make analysis of possible threads and attacks for it.
  3. Propose recommendations for improvements and view of new solutions in this area to build a protection from these attacks.

The project will be done within scope of Nokia supported Russian-Finnish university cooperation program. The expected project duration is 4 months starting on August 20, 2007. As a main result and deliverable of this work the project team is targeted in producing a paper on the subject and present project progress on the autumn seminar of the program Russian-Finnish program.

Final presentation


Contact person: Elena Reshetova