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28th FRUCT

25.01 - 29.01

DataWorld workshop

27.01 - 28.01

29th FRUCT

12.05 - 14.05

AMICT 2021

12.05 - 13.05

2nd DataWorld workshop

12.05 - 13.05

MMDM2021 workshop

12.05 - 13.05

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FRUCT Technical Committee


The FRUCT Technical Committee consists of

FRUCT Advisory Board members

Nazim Agoulmine (University of Evry Val d'Essonne, France)

Cristiano Aguzzi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Mikhail Alexandrov (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)

Francesco Antoniazzi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Sajid Anwar (Imsciences, Pakistan)

Guntis Arnicans (University of Latvia, Latvia)

Ivaylo Atanasov (Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria)

Konstantin Avrachenkov (INRIA, France)