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Erasmus Mundus Master Courses PERvasive Computing & COMmunications for sustainable development

Non-European applicants can receive a Category A Scholarship. You are considered a Non-European applicant if you come from a country other than a Member State of the European Union, or an EEA-EFTA State (Island, Norway, Liechtenstein). You must not be a resident of any of these countries and you must not have carried out your main activity (study, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries. Otherwise you are considered a European applicant and you can receive a Category B scholarship.


Seminar: Mobile Technology Tools for Schools

On November 6, 2012 we welcome you to take part in SIGCHI Finland UCD SIG seminar. Seminar theme is Mobile Technology Tools for Schools. The seminar chair is Jonna Hakkila. Please register to the seminar here.


13:00 Opening words

13:05 Elba del Carmen Valderrama Bahamóndez (University of Stuttgart): Adoption of multimedia mobile phones in the teaching-learning process in Primary Schools in Panama

13:45 Mari Ervasti (VTT): User Experiences and Values with Mobile Supervision of School Attendance

Call for Participation in Information environment of a 21st-century university conference

We welcome you to take part in the 6th international scientific and practical conference, “Information environment of a 21st-century university”, to be held in Kuopio (Finland) on 4-10 December 2012. Summaries of papers received prior to 31 October 2012 will be published in Conference Proceedings as well as on the conference site. Summaries received after 31 October will be available only on the conference site. Conference organizing fee – 300 euro. Conference web site: http://it2012.petrsu.ru.