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24.05.22 Understanding the Capabilities of Route Collectors to Observe Stealthy Hijacks
23.05.22 Digital organizational readiness: Experiences from manufacturing companies
23.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference
22.05.22 Conference on the Mathematics of Complex Data
22.05.22 KTH Debatt - Is nuclear power the solution?
21.05.22 Space tribology
21.05.22 The making of the engineering student
21.05.22 Continuous Preventive Bridge Maintenance
21.05.22 BrainNet workshop
20.05.22 Non-metallic inclusions in pipeline steels and their effect on the corrosion resistance
20.05.22 Power-Based Two-Ports with Application to HVAC Systems
20.05.22 Turning down the volume: Noise and its impact in urban environments
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Accommodation
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
18.05.22 FRUCT32 conference
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 FRUCT32: The 5th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Program
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
18.05.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
17.05.22 Exploring societal impacts of self-driving public transport using four-step transport models
16.05.22 Aging sensitive battery control
15.05.22 Stockholm Optimization Days 2022
15.05.22 PDC Summer School 2022: "Introduction to High Performance Computing"
13.05.22 AI Safety Perception Patterns: Using multiple data sources to produce an AI safety perception map of Stockholm
12.05.22 Proceedings of the 31st FRUCT conference are published in IEEE Xplore
12.05.22 BrainNet
11.05.22 KTH Equality Forum- presentation of the recipient of The Presidents Equality and Diversity Award 2021
11.05.22 New perspectives on Strategic Choice of Measures in Swedish Transport Planning
11.05.22 World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit
10.05.22 The relationship between rolling resistance and tyre operating conditions, with a focus on tyre temperature
10.05.22 Analysis of Attacks on Controlled Stochastic Systems
10.05.22 Analysis of Attacks on Controlled StochasticSystems
05.05.22 01.03.2018: Implicit Interaction with Textual Information using Physiological Signals
05.05.22 01.12.2017: Kick-off event of HiData - Helsinki Centre for Data Science
05.05.22 02.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Machine learning for materials research"
05.05.22 04.12.2017: Teaching skills demonstration for MOOC University lecturer position
05.05.22 05.02.2018: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Studying mutational processes in cancer"
05.05.22 06.11.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Efficient and accurate approximate Bayesian computation"
05.05.22 08.11.2017: FRUCT and AMICT 8. - 10.11. in Kumpula - Welcome
05.05.22 09.01.2018: Performative hybrid interaction: Understanding planned events across collocated and mediated interaction spheres
05.05.22 09.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar
05.05.22 13.11.2017: ISSEP 2017 (The 10th International Conference on Informatics in Schools)
05.05.22 13.11.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning of Ultra High-Dimensional Potts Models for Bacterial Population Genomics"
05.05.22 13.12.2017: Indexing Paths in Genome Graphs
05.05.22 13.12.2017: The Artificial Intelligence Day (AI Day)
05.05.22 16.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Probabilistic Preference Learning With The Mallows Rank Model"
05.05.22 17.11.2017: Computer Science Colloquium
05.05.22 18.10.2017: Teaching demonstration for Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor position in computer science (Algorithms and machine learning)