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04.06.22 17.11.2017: Computer Science Colloquium
04.06.22 18.10.2017: Teaching demonstration for Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor position in computer science (Algorithms and machine learning)
04.06.22 18.10.2017: Teaching demonstration for Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor position in computer science (Distributed systems and networking with emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT))
04.06.22 18.10.2017: Teaching demonstration for Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor position in computer science (Distributed systems and networking with emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT))
04.06.22 19.02.2018: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning and Stochastic Control in Gaussian Process Driven Physical Systems"
04.06.22 19.03.2018: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Fun With Relative Distance Comparisons"
04.06.22 20.12.2017: Third-Generation RNA-Sequencing Analysis: Graph Alignment and Transcript Assemby with Long Reads
04.06.22 22.01.2018: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Confident Bayesian Learning of Graphical Models"
04.06.22 22.03.2018: Exploring the Dynamics of the Biocybernetic Loop in Physiological Computing
04.06.22 22.11.2017: Teaching demonstrations for the position in Computer Science and Atmospheric Sciences
04.06.22 26.02.2018: Crowdsensed Mobile Data Analytics
04.06.22 27.10.2017: Retention in Introductory Programming
04.06.22 27.11.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Correlation-Compressed Direct Coupling Analysis"
04.06.22 29.11.2017: Natural Language Processing Systems for Business Intelligence
04.06.22 30.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning Markov Equivalence Classes of Directed Acyclic Graphs: an Objective Bayes Approach"
04.06.22 30.11.2017: Teaching demonstration and presentation of the candidate for the position in computer science on 30.11.
04.06.22 01.09.2016: Summer Intern Project Presentations, Part II
04.06.22 03.02.2017: Feb 3, 15:15-16:30, UH Main Building. Rosalind Picard, MIT: Adventures in building Emotional Intelligence Technologies
04.06.22 03.03.2017: On Model Selection for Bayesian Networks and Sparse Logistic Regression
04.06.22 03.04.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Multilayer Networks"
04.06.22 05.06.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Statistical Ecology with Gaussian Processes"
04.06.22 06.02.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Toward perfect density estimation"
04.06.22 06.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Differentially Private Bayesian Learning"
04.06.22 08.05.2017: Iso Pyörä infotilaisuus
04.06.22 08.05.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Empirical Parameterization of Exploratory Search Systems Based on Bandit Algorithms"
04.06.22 08.06.2017: Exploring Hand-Based Haptic Interfaces for Mobile Interaction Design
04.06.22 09.01.2017: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Unsupervised machine learning for matrix decompositions"
04.06.22 09.06.2017: Algorithms and Data Structures for Sequence Analysis in the Pan-Genomic Era
04.06.22 09.12.2016: Combinatorial Algorithms with Applications in Learning Graphical Models
04.06.22 10.04.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning With Spectral Kernels"
04.06.22 11.10.2016: Search&Beyond, Kal Järvelin UTA, Andrew Howes UoB, Rob Capra UNC, Distinguished Speakers, HelsinCHI
04.06.22 12.01.2017: Teaching demonstration for Professor position in Data Science: "Introduction to Instruction Pipelining Execution in Microprocessors"
04.06.22 12.06.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning Data Representation by Large-Scale Neighbor Embedding"
04.06.22 12.09.2017: EU:n tietosuoja-asetus
04.06.22 12.10.2016: Information Search as Adaptive Interaction
04.06.22 13.02.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Variable Selection From Summary Statistics"
04.06.22 13.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Small data AUC estimation of machine learning methods: Pitfalls and remedies"
04.06.22 13.04.2017: Encodings = (Data Structures) - (Data)
04.06.22 15.05.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Machine learning for image-based localization"
04.06.22 15.09.2016: Motivated, Social and Embodied: Three Perspectives on Computational Creativity
04.06.22 15.09.2017: Computer Science Colloquium
04.06.22 16.01.2017: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Probabilistic programming: Bayesian modeling made easy"
04.06.22 18.09.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Probabilistic Preference Learning With The Mallows Rank Model"
04.06.22 19.06.2017: Prof. Steven Dow on Advancing Collective Innovation
04.06.22 19.08.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Energy-efficient communication and computation for IoT
04.06.22 19.08.2016: Summer Intern Project Presentations
04.06.22 20.02.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Compressed Sensing for Semi-Supervised Learning From Big Data Over Networks"
04.06.22 20.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Future AI: Autonomous machine learning and beyond"
04.06.22 22.05.2017: Data Science MSc programme kickoff
04.06.22 22.05.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "On Priors and Bayesian Variable Selection in Large p, Small n Regression"
04.06.22 22.05.2017: Three Algorithms Inspired by Data from the Life Sciences
04.06.22 22.08.2016: LINUX 25 YEARS - Jubilee seminar on 22nd August, 2016
04.06.22 23.01.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Metabolite identification through machine learning"
04.06.22 23.08.2017: Pinar Karagoz: Utility Based Mining of Sequential Patterns
04.06.22 24.04.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Nintendo Wii Fit-Based Balance Testing to Detect Sleep Deprivation: Approximate Bayesian Computation Approach"