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Latest changes and updates on the site

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20.01.14 Nobel Laureate in chemistry to visit Umeå University
20.01.14 Umeå Plant Science Centre professor receives Linné award in botany
20.01.14 Attenuation of boundary layer disturbances by means of streamwise vortices
20.01.14 Tradition and Modernity in the Domestic Urban Kitchen Design in Uganda - A case of Kampala
20.01.14 Iron Man
20.01.14 Redefining poverty
20.01.14 The world comes to UiB
20.01.14 Leonor Fini exhibition at Bildmuseet Spring 2014
20.01.14 New international scholarships at Umeå School of Business & Economics
20.01.14 2013/2014 WELCOME
20.01.14 300 New Members Joined KTU International Student Community
20.01.14 Ambassadors Were among the Guests of KTU Official Welcome Ceremony
20.01.14 An Open Lecture by the Head of Legendary Mission Hayabusa
20.01.14 BALTECH Spring Conference 2010
20.01.14 Belgian Ambassador to Attend the Opening of the Francophone Month
20.01.14 Celebration of the Achievements of KTU Graduates
20.01.14 Famous Composer and KTU Professor Granted the Highest Award in Culture and Arts
20.01.14 First Mobile App Created by International Students of KTU
20.01.14 Green Light for Cooperation with Taiwan
20.01.14 How to Beat the Exams: Students vs Psychologists (video)
20.01.14 Impressive Award Won by KTU Student
20.01.14 Intensive Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Course for International Students Begins
20.01.14 International Experts Were Impressed by KTU International Business Programme
20.01.14 Joining Plans for Five Kaunas Universities
20.01.14 Kaunas to Celebrate a Week of Southern Spirit
20.01.14 Kaunas University of Technology Cooperation with Taiwan Universities
20.01.14 KTU Career Days 2010 offered a number of traineeship and employment opportunities
20.01.14 KTU Choir Jaunystė Aims to Represent Lithuania at Choir Eurovision Contest (video)
20.01.14 KTU Choir Jaunystė Was Awarded Grand Prix in National Competition
20.01.14 KTU Hosts the 14th European Conference on Knowledge Management
20.01.14 KTU Is among Top 4% Universities of the World
20.01.14 KTU Is at the Top According to “Veidas” University Ranking
20.01.14 KTU IT specialists invite to virtual tour through flooded river banks
20.01.14 KTU joins first pan-European university MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative
20.01.14 KTU Scholars Witnessed the Award Ceremony in Aachen
20.01.14 KTU student festival RAFES 2011
20.01.14 KTU will be presenting study opportunities for Turkish students
20.01.14 Languages Are Fun
20.01.14 Legal and Sustainability Issues for Open Access Infrastructures
20.01.14 Let‘s Celebrate the Music
20.01.14 Make an Impression Worldwide: Enter the IET Present around the World Competition
20.01.14 Mandelathon: A Little Event for a Great Man
20.01.14 National Digital Coalition will promote wider use of modern technologies
20.01.14 Open Event: Mobile Devices and Applications, and Smart Appliances
20.01.14 Rehabilitation of Patients with Impaired Movement May Be Fun
20.01.14 Robot Intellect 2011: international robotics competition
20.01.14 Silicon Valley Expertise at the Technology Entrepreneurship Course at KTU
20.01.14 Student Games XXIII SELL
20.01.14 Students Walk of Fame on Laisves Avenue
20.01.14 Success of the 11th BMDA Annual Conference
20.01.14 Swedish Family Model in Photography
20.01.14 The Closing Concert of the RAFES Festival 2013 this Friday
20.01.14 The Innovations by KTU Start-uppers to Hit the Market
20.01.14 The International Conference ‘Economics and Management 2013’
20.01.14 The Spanish Culture Week was Opened by the Vice Ambassador of Spain