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Latest changes and updates on the site

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16.01.14 KTU Master Degree Programme Receives National Energy Globe Award
16.01.14 KTU Opens New Division to Promote Youth Entrepreneurship
16.01.14 KTU Opens Science Lab for Children
16.01.14 KTU Presents its Scientific Potential and Technological Achievements in International Forum
16.01.14 KTU Rector Elected as President of the Lithuanian University Rectors’ Conference
16.01.14 KTU Students Qualify to the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 Finals
16.01.14 Lecture Series by Educational Philosophy Professor from Israel
16.01.14 Research Overview 2011
16.01.14 Study Opportunities at Kaunas University of Technology Presented in Dublin
16.01.14 Traditional DiDi Festival Kicks Off on Thursday
16.01.14 Vienna University of Technology Professor to Deliver Lecture Series at KTU
14.01.14 University of Helsinki to have four doctoral schools
14.01.14 14th International Annual Conference on Biomedical Engineering
14.01.14 2nd International Conference on Advanced Construction
14.01.14 9th Joint Conference on Knowledge-based Software Engineering
14.01.14 Baltic Polymer Symposium 2010
14.01.14 Baltic Summer School for Young IT Specialists
14.01.14 Canadian Professor to Deliver a Lecture on Arctic Issues
14.01.14 Celebrate the Beginning of New Academic Year at KTU
14.01.14 Conference on Advanced Materials and Technologies
14.01.14 Department of Electrical Power Systems 70th Anniversary Symposium
14.01.14 DiDi Festival 2010 to Host Various Events
14.01.14 Erasmus Intensive Lithuanian Language Winter Course 2011
14.01.14 International Conference on E-Education
14.01.14 Japan Ambassadres Visits KTU
14.01.14 Kaunas Universities Celebrate International Students Day
14.01.14 KTU Assists in Developing an Open Access Research Publications Repository
14.01.14 KTU Children University Participants to Learn Foreign Languages in Germany
14.01.14 KTU Department of Environmental Engineering Celebrates 70th Anniversary
14.01.14 KTU Folk Art Ensemble “Nemunas” to Perform Concert Special
14.01.14 KTU Graduates’ Company Wins Prestigious Award for Innovation
14.01.14 KTU Opens the Competence Centre of Food Science and Technology
14.01.14 KTU Panevėžys Institute Opens Industrial and Mobile Robots Laboratories
14.01.14 Orientation Days for Incoming Exchange Students
14.01.14 Prof. Nick Trefethen (Oxford) lecture on new computational methods
14.01.14 The 7th Science Festival “Spaceship Earth”
14.01.14 University Awards its Textbook Authors
14.01.14 Seminarium om idrottares kostvanor
14.01.14 TekNatur 2014
14.01.14 From vision for action to action for vision - Docent lecture, Mårten Björkman
13.01.14 1st international conference MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGIES
13.01.14 4th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
13.01.14 9th International Conference & Workshop “Medical Physics in the Baltic States”
13.01.14 Celebrate the Beginning of New Academic Year with KTU
13.01.14 Foreign Delegation Visits KTU Career Centre
13.01.14 Foreign Students Start Intensive Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Courses
13.01.14 Kaunas to Celebrate International Hanseatic Days
13.01.14 KTU Career Days 2011 to Foster Dialogue between Companies and Students
13.01.14 KTU Celebrated New Academic Year
13.01.14 KTU Celebrates the Month of Francophone
13.01.14 KTU discus cooperation opportunities with French Haute-Alsace University Rector
13.01.14 KTU Discuss on Future Cooperation with Glyndwr University
13.01.14 KTU International Studies Centre Invites to Movie Night
13.01.14 KTU invites to Guitar Night
13.01.14 KTU Joins the Global Compact Network