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28.06.22 Project of the Month: Unlocking the untapped innovation potential of SMEs in lightweight construction
28.06.22 Preparing for 6G: A look at one of its promising technologies
28.06.22 Solutions for sustainable Atlantic aquaculture
25.06.22 Why do embarrassing memories seem to surface at night?
24.06.22 Machine learning meets fingers, hands and elbows for enhanced robotic therapy
23.06.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Get off the couch or chair, before it’s too late!
23.06.22 Why can’t snakes blink?
23.06.22 What makes you change your mind?
23.06.22 Is Europe ready for another pandemic?
22.06.22 Past global warming sheds light on the life and death of cold-water corals
22.06.22 Automated public transport achievements on the Innovation Radar
20.06.22 Autonomous transportation – Challenge in digitalisation and solution to sustainability?
17.06.22 An online cooking game joins the fight against food-borne disease
17.06.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Wild animals evolving much faster than we ever thought
17.06.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Why can’t you see things as I do?
17.06.22 Tackling the challenges of cross-border connectivity for Europe’s vehicles
17.06.22 Port infrastructure with an eye to the environment wins sustainability prize
17.06.22 Mandarin trees in good herbaceous company
17.06.22 Fighting the spread of TB
17.06.22 Does a transplanted organ stay a different age to the person it’s in?
15.06.22 European Space Agency presentation on the NASA-ESA Moon programme
14.06.22 Stockholm Optimization Days 2022
14.06.22 PDC Summer School 2022: "Introduction to High Performance Computing"
11.06.22 Book your trip with FRUCT discount
10.06.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Venue map
08.06.22 Building the first robots to clean up ocean floor litter
08.06.22 Continuous Preventive Bridge Maintenance
07.06.22 Two more EU-funded researchers honoured for outstanding achievements in astrophysics
07.06.22 Introducing the largest quantum photonic processor to date
07.06.22 Helping MedTech innovators navigate a river of regulation
07.06.22 Can plants communicate with one another?
07.06.22 An Open Innovation Test Bed to turbocharge Europe’s nanomed industry
07.06.22 A test bed to support innovation in high-risk medical devices
07.06.22 32nd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry: Experimental and Modelling tools for Electrochemical Energy Devices
23.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Accommodation
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
18.05.22 FRUCT32 conference
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 FRUCT32: The 5th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Program
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
18.05.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
12.05.22 Proceedings of the 31st FRUCT conference are published in IEEE Xplore
27.04.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Program
27.04.22 Program of the FRUCT31 conference
25.04.22 Volume 31 / S. Balandin and T. Shatalova, Proceedings of the 31st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT, Helsinki, Finland. ISSN 2305-7254, FRUCT Oy, e-ISSN 2343-0737 (license CC BY-ND)
25.04.22 4th DataWorld
08.04.22 31st FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
14.03.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters