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Internet of Things and Smart Spaces

The Smart Spaces working group mission is as follows:
  1. creation and prototyping of the smart spaces paradigm principles and ideas of ubiquitous computing;
  2. development and promotion of smart space solutions for the mobile device users;
  3. analysis and creation of the corresponding use cases and business models;
  4. elaboration of other competences to provide competitive advantages for the work group members at the emerging market of smart spaces services.
The work group is open for all people who share our vision and believe in the potential of the smart spaces paradigm. The short-term goal of the working group is to become the leader developer team for the Smart-M3 open source platform. In the long-term perspective the group is targeted to form a core of a consortia that should take role of the regional leader in development of smart spaces solutions.
FRUCT Smart Spaces Working Group forms a core team of “Are You Smart (ruSMART)” community. The main face-to-face meetings of the working group are ruSMART conferences, which are organized in the end of summer in Saint-Petersburg annually since 2008. The conference acceptance ratio is 35% and the proceedings are published by Springer. In addition, the group members play the key role in preparation and content definition for the Smart Space sections at the FRUCT conferences, which are organized twice a year: in Russia in the end of April and in Finland in the beginning of November.

More information and materials on Smart-M3 platform can be found here.

The tutorial on developing smart systems based on Smart-M3 platform is accessible (in Russian) in E-Library of Karelia Republic E-Library of Karelia Republic

The manual for getting started with Smart-M3 using python can be found here.

If you are interested in developing Smart-M3 platform you have to conncet with Kirill Krinkin (kirill.krinkin@fruct.org) for getting access rights to Smart-M3 repository.


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