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SVG Player


NS-2 Network simulator is being used in huge amount of scientific research. Nokia Siemens Networks uses customized clone of this simulator. This clone is able to produce output about bursts as SVG picture series.  The main goal of this project is to develop a tool for putting SVG images from series together and playing it as a video stream with forward/back navigation. We need to consider irregular time intervals between SVG images at the stage of playing the series of images as a video stream.

Project stages

  • Domain and tools investigation (October 2010 -- December 2010)
    • mastering with NS2 and SVGPrinter;
    • Analysing SVG structure and tools;
    • As the result of this stage we are going to present program architecture and working prototype
  • Implementation (December 2010 -- February 2011)

This stage involves creating a working tool for opening series of SVG pictures with the ability for navigation, adding and deleting pictures from the loaded series; enabling to save meta-information about picture series into special xml files and binding each SVG image and its specific time for playing the series. Verifying features and their implementation with industrial experts.

  • Finalizing and publishing (Februrary 2011 -- April 2010)

This stage is focused on testing and polishing program, documentation development, publication in 9th FRUCT conference.


Project team

Developer: Svetlana Marchenko
University Supervisor: Kirill Krinkin
Industrial surepvisor: Alexander Sayenko, NSN

Project homepage

Final deadline: 
Saturday, April 30, 2011 (All day)