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Security WG


Recently appeared trends in the ICT industry, such as Internet of
Things, Cloud Computing and Machine-to-Machine communications,
proposes the idea of making overwhelming majority of information
available from the any point on the Earth. This concept provides great
opportunities for new applications and services, but, simultaneously,
faces the enormous deal, considering security and privacy aspects.

In this case, FRUCT Security Working Group was mainly designed to
support ongoing and future community projects with sufficient level of
competence in relevant fields.

Moreover, the group is responsible for coordinating community research
activities in the area, including but not limited to such topics as:

  1. Mobile platforms security
  2. Wireless, cellular and hybrid networks security and privacy
  3. Anonymity and steganography

In addition, the group will provide the number of security trainings,
sessions and courses in order to share, exchange and develop knowledge
and skills through the community members and partners, and also among
the academy and industry

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Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 19:00