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21.09.18 Size matters: Small city people more likely to migrate than large city ones
21.09.18 Trending Science: Have scientists discovered the oldest human drawing?
21.09.18 10/05/18: Defence of Dissertation in Organization and Management, Galina Kallio, M.Sc. (Econ.)
21.09.18 10/04/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, Kim Pöyhönen, M.Sc.
21.09.18 Nonspherical black holes and spacetime reconstructions
20.09.18 Automatic knee osteoarthritis diagnosis from plain radiographs: A deep learning-based approach
20.09.18 In vitro Evaluation of Porous borosilicate, borophosphate and phosphate Bioactive Glasses Scaffolds fabricated using Foaming Agent for Bone Regeneration
20.09.18 Generalised stacking fault energy and plastic deformation of austenitic stainless steels
20.09.18 Antibiotics or not? Improved method of diagnosing infection may soon help doctors decide
20.09.18 More effective transnational crisis management
20.09.18 Civic solidarity under the microscope
20.09.18 EU Project IMPROVE Releases Video Clips on Major Findings
20.09.18 The NO FEAR project and standardisation in Emergency Medical Services
20.09.18 The true consequences of social disinvestment
20.09.18 Towards a more sustainable taxation policy
20.09.18 Increased performance and lifetime of lithium batteries in renewable energy facilities
20.09.18 Discovering the secrets of business success in modern rural areas
20.09.18 Electric mobility: opportunities and challenges
20.09.18 Meshed offshore transmission grids key to a sustainable energy future
20.09.18 Generalised stacking fault energy and plastic deformation of austenitic stainless steels
20.09.18 What´s next: organising product development with Lean
20.09.18 10/04/18: Design Factory 10 years!
19.09.18 08/22/18: Exhibition: Sensory Pavilions 2017–2018
19.09.18 Protein interaction helps Yersinia cause disease
19.09.18 Expert in chemistry education becomes honorary doctor
19.09.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
19.09.18 09/28/18: Defence in the field of computer science, Rainer Kujala, M.Sc.(Tech)
19.09.18 The drive for more energy-efficient electric vehicles
19.09.18 09/21/18: Aalto in Space
19.09.18 An Optical Method for the In-Vivo Characterization of the Biomechanical Response of the Right Ventricle
19.09.18 Printed solar cell set to transform electronics manufacturing
19.09.18 Measurements of the Standard Model Higgs boson cross sections in the WW* decay mode with the ATLAS experiment
18.09.18 Infrared Neural Modulation: Photothermal Effects on Cortex Neurons Using Infrared Laser Heating
18.09.18 Ideation Workshop – Towards a sustainable fashion industry
18.09.18 Experiences from a successful career of research and entrepreneurship - Lunch Seminar with Professor Stefan Ståhl
18.09.18 Inclined Labs – the KTH startup that can fly
18.09.18 Inclined Labs – the KTH startup that can fly
18.09.18 Beets and carrots could lead to stronger and greener buildings
18.09.18 Trending Science: Can a new giant dinosaur finding change evolutionary history books?
18.09.18 An innovative procedure improves the control of liquid intake during haemodialysis
18.09.18 Designing smarter cities using computer game thinking
18.09.18 Winner of 2018 Lindsay Laird Award Announced
18.09.18 Capillary driven devices for patient-centric diagnostics
17.09.18 09/19/18: Fintech Seminar series, Fall 2018
17.09.18 09/19/18: Fintech-seminaarisarja, syksy 2018
17.09.18 Lab tour
17.09.18 Lab tour
17.09.18 Lab tour
17.09.18 KTU Will Host International Summer School Devoted to Kaunas Modernism
17.09.18 KTU participated in 5th LOCARBO project meeting in Hungary
17.09.18 Regenerative Wound Dressings Developed by Lithuanian Scientists Will Heal Deep Wounds
17.09.18 KTU Has Won €2.4 Million Funding for Attracting Top Academics
17.09.18 Investor’s Spotlight Quality Labels Awarded to 3 KTU Study Programmes
17.09.18 Promoting the Progressive: Modernism and Its Value as a Historic Urban Landscape
17.09.18 Kaunas Jazz Opening This Thursday