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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
21.01.20 Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
21.01.20 Energy researchers gather and test drive hydrogen car
21.01.20 An integrated travel solution for Manchester
20.01.20 Gaining new experience through a doctoral student exchange in South Korea
20.01.20 Erik Elmroth new member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
20.01.20 Prestigious medal to molecular biologist at Umeå University
20.01.20 Testing designed carbon materials to purify wastewater
20.01.20 Seed money sows seeds for new doctoral students at the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation
20.01.20 Modeling environment effects on spectroscopic properties of biomarkers and catalytic mechanisms in enzymes
20.01.20 Preparedness in focus in central Umeå
20.01.20 Students have little opportunity to work with mathematical problems
20.01.20 Solute transport in fractured rocks
20.01.20 Chemists celebrate 150 years with the periodic system
20.01.20 Umeå Institute of Design takes top spot in Red Dot Ranking
20.01.20 Space physicists sends instrument to target comets
20.01.20 Automatic Posture and Movement Tracking of Infants with Wearable Movement Sensors
20.01.20 Modeling a Fe-Ga Energy Harvester Fitted with Magnetic Closure Using 3D Magneto-Mechanical Finite Element Model
20.01.20 Workshop on Machine Learning and Optimization for Communications Networks
20.01.20 Utilizing mixed-mineralogy ferroan magnesite tailings as the source of magnesium oxide in magnesium potassium phosphate cement
20.01.20 Is seaweed the solution to sustainable biofuel?
20.01.20 Trending Science: Happy New Year? Longest-running study on happiness has the key
20.01.20 Weatherproof sheep? How to enhance animal resilience to climate change
20.01.20 Extending food shelf life with nanomaterials
20.01.20 Microbiome Applications in the Food System and Nano Life Sciences: New Learnings at the NANO-DAY IV Conference
20.01.20 Major step towards producing carbon-neutral steel with green hydrogen
20.01.20 Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
19.01.20 Can Earth Life Survive on Mars?
19.01.20 Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Science and Technology
19.01.20 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
19.01.20 The head of department and deputy head of Umeå School of Architecture resign
19.01.20 Designing a certification system for sustainable urban areas
19.01.20 Action to save bees and other insects in Northern Sweden!
19.01.20 Successful development of cost-efficient production of hydrogen operated transport systems
19.01.20 Reaching out to the hearts and minds of citizens in transforming cities
19.01.20 CLASS software framework makes Modena smarter in real-life setting
19.01.20 Designing a certification system for sustainable urban areas
19.01.20 Optical and Electronic Properties of WO3 and Zn Chalcogenides Alloys: A Theoretical study
19.01.20 ENRICH in the USA Roadshow in Europe
19.01.20 AI professor keynote speaker at world conference in Umeå
19.01.20 ENRICH in the USA: Share and Shape the future. Apply Now!
19.01.20 Trending Science: Watch holiday films and give your health a gift
19.01.20 Easter concert with witches and magic
18.01.20 27th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
18.01.20 26th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
18.01.20 Diego Calvanese honored as ACM Fellow
18.01.20 Report published on current technical elements of data analysis at PaNOSC partner sites
18.01.20 OpenPMD standard for simulation data (and metadata) further developed in PaNOSC WP5
18.01.20 A concrete step towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions in cement production
17.01.20 Arctic lakes and rivers can lose the diversity of freshwater species
17.01.20 Advancing the life cycle energy optimisation methodology
17.01.20 Advancing the life cycle energy optimisation methodology
17.01.20 Trending Science: Tea helps you live longer, study finds
17.01.20 Södertälje Science Week
17.01.20 Södertälje Science Week
17.01.20 The regional workshops across Europe brought together experts in the hydropower sector