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Updated date Title
16.12.17 Fully integrated circuits successfully printed directly onto fabric
16.12.17 Trending Science: The ‘biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years’ – potential treatment for Huntington’s just announced
16.12.17 02/02/18: Defence of Dissertation in Information Systems Science, Erkka Niemi M.Sc. (Econ)
16.12.17 01/31/18: Tenured Professors’ Installation Lectures
16.12.17 01/26/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of advanced energy systems, Janne Heikinheimo, M.Sc.(Tech.)
16.12.17 01/19/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of industrial engineering and management, Sini Jämsén, TkL
16.12.17 01/19/18: Defence in the field of systems and operations reseach, Tuomas Lahtinen, M.Sc.(Tech.)
16.12.17 The Specter of Scarcity: Experiencing and Coping with Metal Shortages, 1870-2015
16.12.17 A search for Supersymmetry in final states with two same-flavor opposite-sign leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector
16.12.17 Digital Marketing Strategy: B2B and Stakeholders Communication
16.12.17 Synthesis of degradable aliphatic polyesters: strategies to tailor the polymer microstructure
16.12.17 Program matters: from drawing to code
16.12.17 Higher education meets private use of social media technologies - an explorative study of students´ use
16.12.17 An Experimental Study to Measure Grout Penetrability, Improve the Grout Spread, and Evaluate Real Time Grouting Control Theory
16.12.17 Sensor Fusion for Smartphone-based Vehicle Telematics
15.12.17 Regional climate changes over the last 2,000 years mapped for the first time
15.12.17 Young teenagers playing violent video games become accustomed to violence
15.12.17 Pioneering discoveries on the brain and immune defense
15.12.17 Being well received in care speeds up healing process
15.12.17 Humans causing rapid evolution in Baltic Sea fish
15.12.17 Inefficient EU securities market facing a crossroads
15.12.17 New method reads the genetic code directly in tumour tissue
15.12.17 Researchers constrain the sources of climate- and health-afflicting air pollution from China
15.12.17 The battle for Sweden's highest peak
15.12.17 A new take on efficient delivery in regenerative medicine
15.12.17 Large grant to Stockholm University for supernova research
15.12.17 Methane bubbling from thawed subsea permafrost in Arctic Siberia
15.12.17 Detailed cancer diagnostics with new analysis method
15.12.17 New study shows connection between olfactory impairment and later dementia
15.12.17 Deer droppings good for biodiversity
15.12.17 Poor mimics can succeed as long as they mimic the right trait
15.12.17 Small crustaceans help us assess the effects of pollution and oxygen deficiency in the Baltic sea
15.12.17 University researcher won competition in protein structure prediction
15.12.17 Updated with report: Hand blenders used for cooking can emit persistent chemicals
15.12.17 01/19/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of chemical technology, Kristian Melin, M.Sc.
15.12.17 01/15/18: Defence in the field of Computer Science, Sukhpal Ghuman, M.Eng.
15.12.17 81% of Lithuanian Startups Would Employ People from non-EU Countries
15.12.17 12/20/17: Learning@Aalto Gala
15.12.17 01/09/18: Designing Cellulose for the Future III seminar and exhibition
15.12.17 TETRAMAX: boosting European innovation in computing
15.12.17 Trending Science: Back off ladies, man flu is real!
15.12.17 The Force is strong with EU-funded research
15.12.17 01/05/18: Defence of Space science and technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) Kimmo Rautiainen
15.12.17 Learning Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Non-stationary Linear Predictors
15.12.17 Integrating Water and Energy Systems for Long-Term Resource Management
15.12.17 Fabrication and evaluation of two dimentional regular nanostructures
15.12.17 eLABa software upgrade works on the 19th of December
15.12.17 Vygaudas Ušackas Awarded Honorary Degree of the University of Urbino
15.12.17 KTU Rector’s Election Process Started
15.12.17 Finalinėse „Rektoriaus taurės“ kovose – dėmesio verti susitikimai
14.12.17 KTU Rector’s Election Process Started
14.12.17 Life Cycle Assessment of Paper Based Printed Circuits
14.12.17 Diversification is key to boosting EU’s aquaculture sector
14.12.17 Attempted suicide in the young related to dramatically reduced life expectancy
14.12.17 Attempted suicide in the young related to dramatically reduced life expectancy