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Updated date Title
14.06.19 CORDIS attends the prestigious ‘Future of Building 2019’ conference
13.06.19 Exploration of Two Layer Nb 3 Sn Designs of the Future Circular Collider Main Quadrupoles
13.06.19 EUBCE 2019: Showcasing what it takes to build the bioeconomy
13.06.19 Clinical trial in Europe offers hope for asbestos-related cancer patients
13.06.19 ReUseHeat quantified EU28 urban waste heat potential
13.06.19 The revolution of plantoids
13.06.19 ENRICH Your BIO Experience Pitch, Demo and Market Immersion
13.06.19 Call for Applications: Pilot Photonics Business Bootcamp
13.06.19 Sustainable Places: Making the built environment sustainable
13.06.19 Smart 3D modelling for buildings
13.06.19 Will Artificial Intelligence be your friend, your tool or your boss?
13.06.19 How much health data are you willing to share?
13.06.19 Electric cars: current trends make for a shocking change
12.06.19 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
12.06.19 Sniffing out disease with smartphones
12.06.19 Next-generation distress beacons will use Galileo satellite-based search and rescue capability
12.06.19 Trending Science: Fossil reveals first evidence of Neanderthal cousin
12.06.19 Laser-based technology helps doctors image full eye in 3D
12.06.19 Bio-based preparation of nanocellulose and functionalization using polyelectrolytes
12.06.19 Toward Robust Optimization of Adaptive Radiation Therapy
12.06.19 An Investigation into Scuffing and Subsurface Fatigue in a Lubricated Rolling/Sliding Contact
12.06.19 NbTiN for improved superconduction detectors
12.06.19 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
12.06.19 An additional 20 million for AI competence
12.06.19 Nonlinear optics in KTiOPO4 for spectral management of ultra-short pulses in the near and mid-IR
12.06.19 Dark Matter Phenomenology in Astrophysical Systems
12.06.19 Lifting the lid on biofuel for the transport sector, at EUBCE
12.06.19 Pointing the way to cleaner air in West Africa
12.06.19 Minutes of the FRUCT Smart Spaces WG on 2013-09-23
12.06.19 Minutes of the 2nd telco of Video WG 2011-03-03
11.06.19 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
11.06.19 ISAI19 workshop
11.06.19 SEPA training
11.06.19 Sailfish OS Days
11.06.19 24th FRUCT
11.06.19 ISMW23 seminar
11.06.19 ISAI18 workshop
11.06.19 IMSA18 workshop
11.06.19 IDEA18 workshop
11.06.19 23rd FRUCT
11.06.19 Enter the VIRT-EU Design Challenge
11.06.19 EUBCE 2019 asks: what role for biomass when meeting development and climate targets?
11.06.19 Flying saucer with a wave engine
11.06.19 Co-funding scheme for PhD programs within the VES4US project
11.06.19 How to use equity crowdfunding for financing innovative SMEs
11.06.19 An Anti-inflammatory Formulation with FMO3 Suppressive Abilitites Part 2
11.06.19 An Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic Formulation with Simultaneous FMO3 / Nf-kappa B And PGE-2 Suppression Properties
11.06.19 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
11.06.19 Academic Pride Parade
11.06.19 Role of fracture toughness in impact-abrasion wear
11.06.19 Effects of anode materials on electricity production from xylose and treatability of TMP wastewater in an up-flow microbial fuel cell
11.06.19 Particle emissions of Euro VI, EEV and retrofitted EEV city buses in real traffic
11.06.19 Evolving customer expectations of hospitality services: Differences in attribute effects on satisfaction and Re-Patronage
11.06.19 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University
11.06.19 Can smarter forest buffer strips along streams help to mitigate climate change?