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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
20.11.12 Seminar: Mobile Technology Tools for Schools
19.11.12 Erasmus Mundus Master Courses PERvasive Computing & COMmunications for sustainable development
19.11.12 FRUCT become a member of European Connected Health Alliance
07.11.12 Rapid Low-Fi Prototyping Techniques for Design
07.11.12 3D Internet Programming with realXtend intensive course and hands-on training
07.11.12 Call for Participation in Information environment of a 21st-century university conference
07.11.12 PhD position in University of Oulu
07.11.12 Invitation to 12th FRUCT conference in Oulu on November 5-9
07.11.12 Please take part in e-Tourism poll
07.11.12 Action to protect EU Research Funding - sign a letter
24.10.12 Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web
24.10.12 Information Redundancy 2012
24.10.12 New2AN 2012
24.10.12 ruSMART 2012
24.10.12 Seminar: Mobile Technology Tools for Schools
24.10.12 Regional seminar on Mobile Healthcare, early diagnostics and fitness
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25.09.12 12th FRUCT Conference: Practical Information
25.09.12 Take part in St. Petersburg Student Contest "Smart City"!
20.09.12 Scorching Sale Chopard Watches In Superb Design
19.09.12 Call for Participation in the next round of International Master's programme on Security and Mobile Computing at Aalto University
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30.05.12 Эконофизика и анализ финансовых временных рядов
30.05.12 Локальный фрактальный анализ финансовых временных рядов
30.05.12 О фрактальном анализе хаотических временных рядов
29.05.12 Future Internet as enabler for better health
29.05.12 An overview of H.264/AVC video compression standard
29.05.12 Host Identity Protocol for Mobile WLAN Access
29.05.12 The history and future of Qt
29.05.12 On the Edge of Mobile Evolution
29.05.12 Nokia for Developers
29.05.12 Smart-M3 based applications
29.05.12 Dimension of the minimal cover and fractal analysis of time series
29.05.12 Internet of Things
29.05.12 ICT ecosystem of Oulu region
29.05.12 From Science to R&D Business
29.05.12 Privacy and security in older adults independent living assistance platform
29.05.12 Mobile monitoring of vital parameters: aims, instruments and current state of implementation of mHealth projects worldwide and in Russia
29.05.12 A Day Made of Glass Made possible by Corning
29.05.12 The Future of Telecommunications: a look at the technology evolution that will shape the telecom in the last part of this decade
29.05.12 Qt contributions in many shapes and forms
29.05.12 Smart-M3 hands-on training slides
29.05.12 Mobile Trusted Computing
29.05.12 Охраняемые результаты интеллектуальной деятельности
29.05.12 Зачем нужен патент и как его получить?
29.05.12 Context-driven data mining and knowledge extraction
29.05.12 Future Telecommunications to make the Information Society a seamless reality
29.05.12 Application perspective on wireless communication medium challenges
29.05.12 Simulations and QoS in Modern Mobile Networks
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Platform security training
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Smart-M3 platform training
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Libmeegotouch: Touch Everywhere (MeeGo Training)
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Future services and Smart-M3
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Embedded Networks
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Nokia business ecosystem