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Latest changes and updates on the site

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12.05.12 8th FRUCT conference: venue
12.05.12 Fourth seminar program
12.05.12 4th Nokia week in St-Petersburg: Введение в моделирование на языке SDL
12.05.12 Вторая конференция Maemo: тренинг
11.05.12 Fifth seminar program
11.05.12 Internet of Things and Smart Spaces
10.05.12 News of Russian MAEMO Society and 2nd MAEMO conference
10.05.12 Первая российская конференция MeeGo: информация
10.05.12 Registration to the First Russian MeeGo Conference is now open
10.05.12 Extension of the paper submission deadline for FRUCT9 conference
10.05.12 Latest OpenHIP 0.8 release available for download
10.05.12 Week of Mobile Techologies in Nizhny Novgorod
10.05.12 Smart-M3 Materials
10.05.12 2nd Russian conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Technologies: Call for papers
10.05.12 Smart-M3 platform training
10.05.12 Фрактальные методы в экономике
10.05.12 AMICT 2011 workshop
10.05.12 Baltic Congress on Future Internet Communications BCFIC 2011
10.05.12 Вторая конференция Maemo: тренинг
10.05.12 Third seminar
10.05.12 Sixth FRUCT seminar
10.05.12 Second seminar
10.05.12 7th FRUCT conference program
09.05.12 Sixth FRUCT seminar
09.05.12 Sixth FRUCT seminar
09.05.12 First seminar
09.05.12 Program
08.05.12 QML training in St-Petersburg (in Russian)
05.05.12 Presentations from the 11th FRUCT conference are published
05.05.12 The 8th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia/CEE-SECR 2012
03.05.12 11th FRUCT
03.05.12 Regional seminar on Mobile Healthcare, early diagnostics and fitness
03.05.12 Non-Member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)
02.05.12 Invitation to 11th FRUCT conference in St.-Petersburg on April 23-27
27.04.12 Research Fellows in Wireless Communications (2 positions)
13.04.12 CFP: 3rd Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition
13.04.12 New Challenge
13.04.12 CFP: 5th CEE-SECR 2009 conference
13.04.12 FRUCT stand at Russian Innovation week in St-Petersburg
13.04.12 Useful links
13.04.12 First Advisory Board
13.04.12 Connect2Earth campaign: Make history
13.04.12 Russian Mobile VAS Awards
13.04.12 Invitation to Russoft forum -- St. Petersburg, June 10-11
13.04.12 FRUCT news mailing list
13.04.12 NRC presents "Smart-M3" open source platform
08.04.12 10th FRUCT Conference: Program
04.04.12 Accommodation options for participants of the 11th FRUCT Conference
03.04.12 Legal training for IT specialists: Patents and Copyright
03.04.12 Call for applications (research grants 2012)
03.04.12 Follow FRUCT in twitter
03.04.12 QML training in N.Novgorod (in Russian)
03.04.12 Publication grants for FRUCT articles
20.03.12 Open post-doctoral positions in communication theory
14.03.12 Open Ph.D positions