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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
28.02.19 Transparency and AI: Ethical problems and practical solutions
28.02.19 SciLifeLab Science Summit 2019, Uppsala, May 15
28.02.19 Call for AGYA Membership Applications 2019 | Application Deadline 24 March 2019
28.02.19 A City’s Mission to turn itself into an Urban Laboratory
28.02.19 Verifying next-generation computing simulations
28.02.19 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
28.02.19 An innovative non-invasive tool for thyroid cancer screening
28.02.19 Scientists map key genes regulating immune cells
27.02.19 New Procurement Mindset Emerges as an Inner-city Neighbourhood Gets Energy Efficiency Makeover
27.02.19 REZBUILD project launches its presentation video
27.02.19 AllThings.Bio presents its second series of videos clips about bio-based products
27.02.19 CAR T-Cell Therapy against Cancer: EU Project CARAT Releases Animated Clip
27.02.19 Welcome to WikiGap!
27.02.19 Welcome to WikiGap!
27.02.19 Interaction of sensory and motor signals in the basal ganglia in health and disease
27.02.19 Service Readiness during Manufacturers’ Servitization
27.02.19 Carbon fibres from lignin-cellulose precursors
27.02.19 Elegant generation of multiple beams for filming electron motion
27.02.19 Next generation of semiconductors set to revolutionise photovoltaics and lighting
27.02.19 COMAN+ takes human-robot interaction to the next level
27.02.19 Catching up with ABBI: Commercialisation beckons for the unique bracelet for visually-impaired children
27.02.19 Experts in business, technology, manufacturing or sustainability - Join the Efficient Solutions Alliance
27.02.19 A better understanding of how ALS spreads
27.02.19 How to use game theory for human-robot collaboration
26.02.19 European project tackles the machine translation of news in languages with little online presence
26.02.19 Alicante University participates in a project to defend the rights of Roma girls and women in Europe
26.02.19 EIP SMART CITIES: Integrated planning policy and Regulation Action Cluster Smart Cities Guidance Package One Last Try… Then We’re Ready!
26.02.19 A green breakthrough for the retail sector: COMSOS Project is here
25.02.19 Expanded knowledge on silk assembly for development of bioactive silk coatings
25.02.19 From the lab to changing the fashion industry- meet KTH spinoff re:newcell
25.02.19 From the lab to changing the fashion industry- meet KTH spinoff re:newcell
25.02.19 Bring your poster to KTH Innovation
25.02.19 Ideation Workshop with KTH Innovation
25.02.19 Ideation Workshop with KTH Innovation
25.02.19 In Pursuit of Ideal Model Selection for High-Dimensional Linear Regression
25.02.19 Plant communities do not take the same route from A to B as from B to A
25.02.19 Cranberries may reduce gut health problems for meat eaters
25.02.19 Trending Science: Saturn’s rings are surprisingly young, scientists now say
24.02.19 CHPM2030 presents work programme for 2019 and announces final conference
24.02.19 Call for the Cefic-LRI Innovative Science Award 2019 is now open!
23.02.19 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
23.02.19 Invitation: Swedish Society of Biomechanics meeting 20-21 March 2019
23.02.19 Study finds new typhoid superbug strains in Bangladesh
23.02.19 "The OptEEmAL Solution for Energy Efficient District Retrofitting" - OptEEmAL Project Final Conference in Valladolid
23.02.19 Nanocoating technology harnesses sunlight to degrade microplastics
23.02.19 Low impact bio-based construction materials ready for the mass market
23.02.19 An Open-Innovation Test Bed for Medical Devices: Kick-off for new EU Research Project TBMED
23.02.19 Press Release: Making demand response management easier for aggregators
22.02.19 Trending Science: NASA announces new mission to explore origins of the universe
22.02.19 The bad news about folate deficiency: the damage it causes can’t be undone
22.02.19 FET2RIN successfully started into its last training round with the 1st FET2RIN Workshop in December 2018
22.02.19 ROBOTT-NET has made 62 ideas in industrial robotics a reality
22.02.19 Novel strategies for sustainable and profitable livestock farming
22.02.19 The prototype PhasmaFOOD Multisensor Food-Scanning Device is ready!