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Latest changes and updates on the site

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08.05.10 Call for participation in Symbian Student Essay Contest 2009
08.05.10 Qt Mobility Competition for Developers
08.05.10 Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition Final Released
08.05.10 Qt winter school 2010
08.05.10 Qt Beta for Maemo developers
08.05.10 Qt for Maemo Training Course (Beta)
08.05.10 International Master's Degree Programme in IT
08.05.10 Write an article about Maemo and win an N900!
08.05.10 First Public Release of SmartSlog project
08.05.10 PhD positions at Vienna University of Technology
07.05.10 Week of Mobile Techologies in N.Novgorod: Atom Day
07.05.10 Week of Mobile Techologies in N. Novgorod: Конкурс
07.05.10 Web Design Guidelines for the Nokia N900
07.05.10 CFP in Fourth International Conference on Cognitive Science
07.05.10 FRUCT December Newsletter
07.05.10 FRUCT January Newsletter
07.05.10 Symbian Platform Opening
07.05.10 7th Conference Software Quality Assurance Days
07.05.10 FRUCT November Newsletter
06.05.10 FRUCT February Newsletter
12.04.10 Qt registration
12.04.10 Smart-M3 registration
12.04.10 Advanced Qt SDK registration
12.04.10 MAEMO registration
12.04.10 SDL registration
12.04.10 7th FRUCT conference registration
22.03.10 Регистрация
16.03.10 Maemo at ixbt.com
16.03.10 Russian Maemo Community
16.03.10 Russian Maemo Wiki
14.03.10 RSS
14.03.10 Mailing list
14.03.10 Forum
14.03.10 Useful links
14.03.10 Activities
14.03.10 Members
14.03.10 Advisory board
14.03.10 Research projects
14.03.10 Program structure
14.03.10 About
14.03.10 Forum
14.03.10 News
09.02.10 Uploading file of paper/presentation
18.01.10 Seminar6
10.01.10 FRUCT in Russian
10.01.10 Symbian Resources
10.01.10 MSc and PhD student positions
10.01.10 The 3rd Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition
10.01.10 Summer schools
24.10.09 Seminar registration
21.10.09 FRUCT training registration
14.10.09 Seminars
14.10.09 Bandwidth and power efficient OFDM
14.10.09 Polar Modulation and Transmitters Power Efficiency
14.10.09 Resource allocation in OFDMA