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04.06.22 27.06.2013: Dynamic Aspects of Knowledge Bases
04.06.22 25.10.2013: Exploration and retrieval of whole-metagenome sequencing samples
04.06.22 25.02.2014: Machine Learning and Automated Programming in a Computational Creativity context
04.06.22 24.06.2013: Game changers in science communications -- Department present at Think Corner
04.06.22 24.01.2014: Learning When Hard Problems Are Easy
04.06.22 23.08.2013: Creativity Supporting Learning Environments: Two Case Studies on Teaching Programming
04.06.22 23.01.2014: Guest lecture for students and faculty: Google's Site Reliability Engineering
04.06.22 21.08.2013: Seminar on summer work projects
04.06.22 21.05.2013: Current situation with the study and R&D on the Math. Faculty and Dept. of CS at PetrSU
04.06.22 21.02.2014: MCMC-driven Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling
04.06.22 20.11.2013: Causal Structure Learning and Effect Identification in Linear Non-Gaussian Models and Beyond
04.06.22 20.09.2013: Treedy: A Heuristic for Counting and Sampling Subsets
04.06.22 20.09.2013: Computational methods for augmenting association-based gene mapping
04.06.22 20.03.2014: Annual Alumni Event of the Kumpula Campus, the CS Department programme
04.06.22 19.11.2013: Tracking down repeats in strings
04.06.22 19.11.2013: Causal discovery with functional causal models: Different types of "independence"
04.06.22 18.11.2013: Autumn School on Computational Creativity
04.06.22 17.12.2013: Deterministic Schemes for Membership in the Bitprobe Model
04.06.22 16.10.2013: ConXsense: Context sensing for adaptive usable access control
04.06.22 16.01.2014: Graph and Hypergraph Decompositions for Exact Algorithms
04.06.22 15.11.2013: Learning Chordal Markov Networks by Constraint Satisfaction
04.06.22 14.11.2013: Text mining for creative cross-domain knowledge discovery
04.06.22 14.09.2013: Normalized maximum likelihood methods for clustering and density estimation
04.06.22 14.03.2014: Finland as best location for data centers
04.06.22 13.12.2013: Self-Organizing Software Architectures
04.06.22 13.12.2013: Non-linear systems in the spacing of musical scores
04.06.22 13.09.2013: Information Theoretic Validity of Penalized Likelihood Procedures: Application to Sparse Regression and Gaussian Graphical Models
04.06.22 13.03.2014: Rapid Prototyping for Web and Mobile
04.06.22 13.01.2014: Searching for Similar Items in Diverse Universes
04.06.22 12.12.2013: Data Center Energy Retrofits
04.06.22 12.09.2013: Brain-based Programming: A New Concept for Computer Science Education
04.06.22 12.06.2013: RNA-Seq data analysis: a combinatorial approach based on local transcriptome assembly
04.06.22 11.12.2013: CANCELLED: Innovative Business Cases & The Internet of Things
04.06.22 11.11.2013: Privacy and Trust in Pervasive Social Networking
04.06.22 09.09.2013: Enabling Multipath and Multicast Data Transmission in Legacy and Future Internet
04.06.22 08.11.2013: Knowledge Discovery in High Dimensional Data
04.06.22 08.05.2013: Discovering Causal Relations in the Presence of Latent Confounders
04.06.22 07.02.2014: Monitoring Sleep with Force Sensor Measurement
04.06.22 07.02.2014: Information Propagation in the Bitcoin Network
04.06.22 06.09.2013: Guest lecture: Bengt Aspvall: "CS Unplugged"
04.06.22 06.06.2013: Evolution and Computation
04.06.22 04.12.2013: Methods for Redescription Mining
04.06.22 02.10.2013: Towards understanding of the three-dimensional chromosomal organization. A Bayesian model-based approach to analyze Hi-C data
04.06.22 01.11.2013: Linear forms over semirings: algorithmic applications and complexity results
04.06.22 31.10.2012: Tiedebasaari opiskelijoille / Science Bazaar for students (Kumpula)
04.06.22 30.08.2012: The case for usable mobile security
04.06.22 30.01.2013: Kumpula career course: CS Career opportunities
04.06.22 29.06.2012: Compressed Full-Text Indexes for Highly Repetitive Collections
04.06.22 28.06.2012: Analysis of the subsequence composition of biosequences
04.06.22 28.05.2012: The Federated Computer Science Event (Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät)
04.06.22 27.09.2012: Nanonetworks: A New Frontier in Communications
04.06.22 26.04.2013: Interactive Systems Course - Project Demos
04.06.22 25.01.2013: Term Weighting in Short Documents for Document Categorization, Keyword Extraction and Query Expansion
04.06.22 24.08.2012: Sequencing methods for analyzing transcription
04.06.22 23.10.2012: Linus Torvalds at the department, Q&A with students and faculty