Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Membership: Advisory board

The FRUCT advisory board is a team of experts that direct and guide FRUCT Association. The main responsibility of the Advisory Board members is to form Technical Program Committee of FRUCT conferences. The board consists of recognized experts in the field that at least have PhD (for people from academia) or 10 international publications and 2 patents (for industrial experts). The conference review procedure is organized at EasyChair tool using single-blind principle.

Also the advisory board provides technical comments and recommendations about quality and relevance of the FRUCT projects, help to identify the new cooperation niches and assist student teams to solve the most difficult questions, which are outside of scope of the main competences of the project supervisor and tutor. Management of the FRUCT activities performed by the Executive team.

Members of the Advisory board

Name Title/Position Affiliation Areas of competences
Yevgeni Koucheryavy (Chair) Dr/Professor Tampere University, Finland Wireless networking for moving objects, network architectures, services, content distribution, future internet
Nazim Agoulmine Dr/Prof/MsC/SM IEEE University of Evry Val d’Essonne, France Ubiquitous e-Health, Networking, Service Management, Context Awareness
Sergey Balandin Dr/Adjunct Professor FRUCT, Finland Smart spaces, embedded networks, open innovations, peer-to-peer, routing and load balancing, simulators
Sergey Bezzateev Dr/Associated Professor Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation Error Correcting Codes, Cryptography, Digital Right Management, Sensor Networks
Alexey Dudkov Dr NRPL Group, Finland Telecommunications, CDMA, Primary and Secondary Air Surveillance, Radar Technology
Jan-Erik Ekberg Dr/Director of Advanced Development Huawei, Finland Security, Linux kernel
Andrey Fionov Dr/Professor Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences Data compression, cryptography, steganography
Michel Gillet Senior Architect Nokia, Finland Embedded Networks, SDL, SystemC simulations, Protocol architectures
Boris Goldstein Dr/Professor St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications Teletraffic theory, network planning
Andrei Gurtov Dr/Professor Linkoping University, Sweden Network Security, Wireless Internet, Medical ICT
Timo Hamelainen Dr/Professor University of Jyvaskyla, Finland Networking security and anomaly analysis, Internet of Things, Software Defined Networks, Mobile broadband communication technologies and services
Kari Heikkinen Dr/Associate Professor Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland User-centric service design, user experience, technology-enhanced learning
Alexey Kashevnik Dr/Senior Reseacher SPC RAS Smart Spaces, IoT
Yrvin Knut Project Manager Skolelinux Drift, Norway User Participatory Design, System Development, Free Software and Open Source Communities
Dmitry Korzun Dr/Adjunct Professor Petrozavodsk State University Distributed systems, P2P networks, Internet applications, modeling, smart spaces, algorithms, software engineering
Vadim Kramar Researcher Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland Smart Living, Ambient Assisted Living, Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things, Semantic Web, Cloud Computing; mobile, web and domestic technologies, services and applications
Kirill Krinkin Dr/Department chair SPb Electrotechnical University “LETI” IP Networks, Routing Algorithms, Mesh Networks, Storage Technologies, Qt, Software Engineering
Oleg Medvedev Professor/Department chair Moscow State University, Baumann Technical University Cardiology, pharmacology, human physiology, m-Health, IT in Medicine
Dmitri Moltchanov Senior Researcher Tampere University, Finland Teletraffic, wireless networks, P2P networks
Valtteri Niemi Dr/Professor University of Turku, Finland Network Technologies, Security
Valentin Onossovski Dr/Department chair Saint-Petersburg State University Mobile online services, Internet applications, Web 2.0 systems, real-time systems, embedded systems
Jarkko Paavola Dr/Lecturer Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland Wireless communications, networking, information security
Michele Pagano Dr/Associate Professor University of Pisa, Italy Network performance evaluation, QoS architectures, Intrusion Detection
Ilya Paramonov Dr/Associate Professor Yaroslavl State University Computer Linguistics, Software Development, Mobile Technologies and Services
Kiran Kumari Patil Dr/Director University Industry Interaction Center, REVA University Bengaluru, India eHealth, Communications
Jari Porras Dr/Professor Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland Wireless, mobile and p2p networking, parallel and distributed computing, SOA
Veronika Prokhorova Dr/Assistant Professor High School of Economics Error Correcting Codes, Cryptography
Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues Dr/Professor Instituto de Telecomunications, University of Beira Interior, Portugal Mobile Healthcare
Luca Roffia Dr/Assistant Professor University of Bologna, Italy Semantic Web, Linked Data, IoT, Information Interoperability, Smart Spaces
Roberto Saracco Dr/Director Telecom Italia Future Centre Telecom Italia, Italy IEEE ComSoc, Italy Network architectures, Economics of Telecommunications, Services, Autonomic Systems, Complex Systems, Ecosystems
Alexander Semenov Dr/Postdoctoral researcher University of Florida, USA Social Network Analysis, Big Data, Web Crawling
Anton Shabaev Dr/Director OptiSoft Ltd., Petrozavodsk State University Control systems
Charalabos Skianis Dr/Lab Director University of the Aegean, Greece Novel Internet Architectures and Services, Cloud Computing & Networking, Energy & Context aware Next Generation Networks and Services, mobile and wireless networks
Alexander Smirnov Dr/Professor, Deputy Director SPC RAS Ontology Management, Context Management, Operational Decision Making, Smart Space, Dynamic Logistics, Flexible Supply Networks, Virtual Organizations
Andrey Terekhov Dr/Professor Saint-Petersburg State University Programming technologies, compilers’ design, program analysis, software-hardware codesign, real-time systems, embedded systems
Olav Tirkkonen Dr/Professor Aalto University, Finland Wireless communication
Timofey Turenko Dr/Research Engineer MariaDB, Finland MeeGo/Maemo, control theory, micro-controllers, embedded systems, real-time systems, software quality
Weider Yu Dr/Associate Professor San Jose State University, USA; IEEE ComSoc u-Healthcare in security and privacy, mobile & wireless eHealth, Electronic Health Record (EHR), experimental software engineering, wireless mobile and web based systems, performance related QoS, modern software processes, SOA engineering
Liang Zhou Dr/Professor Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China; IEEE ComSoc Internet of Things, Multimedia Communications, Wireless Networks