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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'15

Proceedings of the 15th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
21-25 April 2014, St-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-7577-0463-0
Sergey Balandin and Ulia Trifonova

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Abramovich B., Sychev Y., Prochorova V., Fedorov A. The Guaranteed Power Supply System Using Distributed Generation on The Base of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources 153 158
Andrushevich A., Kurbatski A., Lazovik V, Dravitsa V., Voitovich V., Ravin I. Towards Evaluation Study on Commissioning and Operation of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks 159 165
Efimov A., Pedonova Z., Rudych P., Jakushin A., Jakushin S., Bizunova M. Mobile Device for Variability of Heart Rate Monitoring 166 168
Grazhevskaja A., Onossovski V., Timokhin D. High-level Componentization as a Way of Efficient Server-side Logic Implementation in Ubiq Mobile Platform 169 176
Huletski A. Storage Efficient Backup of Virtual Machine Images 177 183
Kartashov D., Krinkin K. Virtual HSM Implementation in OpenVZ Containers 184 188
Koblyakova L. The Analytical Model of Distributed Interrupt Mechanism in SpaceWire Network 189 197
Kovyrshin P., Korzun D. Android Smartphone as a Microphone in SmartRoom System 198 199
Krinkin M., Krinkin K. IP-Address Reflection Scheme Implemetation for Linux 200 200
Marchenkov S., Korzun D. Presence Detection in SmartRoom: Experimental Performance Evaluation 201 202
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On Database for Mobile Phones Ownership 203 208
Niutanen J. Improving Usability and Context Awareness over Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks 209 211
Shchekotov M. Intelligent Mobile Tourist Guide - TAIS 212 212
Timofeev I., Ilya Paramonov I., Mamedov E. Measurement Data Recognition from Seven-Segment Indicator by Mobile Device 213 213
Ushakov V. Implementation of Program Part at Automated Workplace for a Teaching Department 214 220
Vdovenko A., Korzun D. Planning Social Activity in SmartRoom: Ontology-based Service Design 221 222
Yusufov M., Paramonov I. Personal Health Assistant with Roaming Notifications for Google Smart TV 223 223