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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'22

Proceedings of the 22nd Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
15-18 May 2018, Jyvaskyla, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-4-8
Sergey Balandin, Timo Hamalainen and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Afanasev M., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Fedosov Y., Sidorenko A. A Design of Cyber-physical Production System Prototype Based on an Ethereum Private Network 3 11
Aminova E., Trapeznikov I., Priorov A., Khryashchev V. DSLR Imperfections Extraction From Image For Source Detection 12 18
Baimuratov I., Zhukova N. An Approach to Clustering Models Estimation 19 24
Chernov I., Ivashko E., Rumiantsev A., Ponomarev V., Shabaev A. Survey on Deduplication Techniques in Flash-Based Storage 25 33
Chuvak A., Surovtsova T. Analysis of User Activity in Wireless Local Area Network of Petrozavodsk State University 34 39
Fedotov A., Lashkov I., Kashevnik A. Web-Service for Drive Safely System User Analysis: Architecture and Implementation 40 47
Gazizova A., Zolotarev A., Myrov V., Vinogradova A., Cheblokov A., Bakin E., Stanevich O. Open Source Tool for VH-replacement Products Discovery and Analysis 48 54
Huang W., Pakanen M., Haukipuro L., Vainamo S., Arhippainen L. Motivate Online Users by Moderating and Providing Tasty Testing Experiences 55 66
Jaiswal S.,Pal M., Sahu M.,Sahu P., Sarma A. EvoCut : A new Generalization of Albert-Barabasi Model for Evolution of Complex Networks 67 72
Karimov T., Butusov D., Andreev V., Rybin V., Kaplun D. Compact Fixed-Point Filter Implementation 73 78
Korobkov I. Queuing System for the SpaceFibre Standard 79 87
Korotaeva D., Khlopotov M., Makarenko A., Chikshova E., Startseva N., Chernysheva A. Botanicum: a Telegram Bot for Tree Classification 88 93
Krinkin K., Filatov An., Filatov Ar., Lyanguzov A. Data Distribution Services Performance Evaluation Framework 94 100
Krinkin K., Filatov An., Filatov Ar., Huletski A., Kartashov D. Evaluation of Modern Laser Based Indoor SLAM Algorithms 101 106
Kurbanov L., Rozhdestvenskaya K., Suvorova E. Deadlock-Free Routing in SpaceWire Onboard Network 107 114
Kuzmin M. Review, Classification and Comparison of the Existing SLAM Methods for Groups of Robots 115 120
Kvet M., Krsak E., Matiasko K. Temporal Database Architecture Enhancements 121 130
Lavrovskaya I., Olenev V. Network Topology Transformation for Fault Tolerance in SpaceWire Onboard Networks 131 137
Makarov V., Klarin A., Shurygin V., Dyumin A., Yadykin I. Measurement of Inductance of Liquefied Natural Gas 138 143
Masek P., Stusek M., Krejci J., Zeman K., Pokorny J., Kudlacek M. Unleashing Full Potential of Ansible Framework: University Labs Administration 144 150
Meigal A., Reginya S., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Prokhorov K., Moschevikin A. Analysis of Human Gait Based on Smartphone Inertial Measurement Unit: A Feasibility Study 151 158
Meigal A., Korzun D., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Borodin A., Zavyalova Y. Ambient Intelligence Based Vision to At-Home Laboratory for Personalized Monitoring and Assessment of Motion-Cognitive State in Elderly 159 165
Morozov E., Maltseva M., Steyaert B. Verification of the Stability of a Two-Server Queueing System With Static Priority 166 172
Mugayskikh A., Zakharov V., Tuovinen T. Time-Dependent Multiple Depot Vehicle Routing Problem on Megapolis Network under Wardrops Traffic Flow Assignment 173 178
Mulyukin A., Perl I. Adaptation of System Dynamics Model Execution Algorithms for Cloud-based Environment 179 189
Nesteruk S., Bezzateev S. Location-Based Protocol for the Pairwise Authentication in the Networks without Infrastructure 190 197
Netes V. End-to-End Availability of Cloud Services 198 203
Obukhova N., Motyko A., Pozdeev A., Timofeev B. Review of Noise Reduction Methods and Estimation of their Effectiveness for Medical Endoscopic Images Processing 204 210
Purohit H., Korzun D., Shabaev A., Voronin A. Data Interleaving for Congestion Reduction in Mobile Traffic Transmission 211 216
Ramezanian S., Meskanen T., Niemi V. Privacy Preserving Shortest Path Queries on Directed Graph 217 223
Rumyantsev A., Morozova T., Basmadjian R. Discrete-Event Modeling of a High-Performance Computing Cluster with Service Rate Control 224 231
Rwegasira1 D., Dhaou I., Kondoro A., Kelati A., Mvungi N., Tenhunen H. A Hardware-in-Loop Simulation of DC Microgrid using Multi-Agent Systems 232 237
Sigovtsev G., Charuta M., Semenov I. Mathematical Modeling in Adaptive Corporate Training 238 243
Sneps-Sneppe M., Namiot D. On 5G Projects for Urban Railways 244 249
Teslya N., Ryabchikov I. Blockchain Platforms Overview for Industrial IoT Purposes 250 256
Tychkov A., Kuzmin A., Alimuradov A., Ageykin A., Kalistratov V., Mitroshina S. HHT-based Analysis of ECG Signals of Patients with Borderline Mental Disorders 257 262
Ulitin B., Babkin E. An Object-Oriented Model for Smart Devices in Internet of Things 263 271
Vedova M., Tacchini E., Moret S., Ballarin G., DiPierro M., Alfaro L. Automatic Online Fake News Detection Combining Content and Social Signals 272 279
Yuce H., Mutafungwa E., Hamalainen J. A Planning and Optimization Framework for Hybrid Ultra-Dense Network Topologies 280 289
Zavyalova Y., Kuznetsova T., Korzun D., Borodin A., Meigal A. Designing a Mobile Recommender System for Treatment Adherence Improvement among Hypertensives 290 296
Zubok D., Maiatin A., Khegai M., Kharchenko T. Using Alternating Decision Trees in Multi-Leveled Hierarchical Cloud Based System 297 302