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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'24

Proceedings of the 24th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
8-12 April 2019, Moscow, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-8-6
Sergey Balandin, Vladimir Deart and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Adzhemov A., Manonina I., Shestakov V. E-Lecture-Presentation as an Important Element of Learning in Higher Education 543 550
Afanasyev I., Kolotov A., Rezin R., Danilov K., Kashevnik A., Jotsov V. Blockchain Solutions for Multi-Agent Robotic Systems: Related Work and Open Questions 551 555
Alyoshintsev A., Sak A. Analysis of Natural Language Sentences by Methods of the Theory of Graphs and the Theory of Sets 556 564
Antonova V. The Study of Wireless Network Resources while Transmitting Heterogeneous Traffic 565 570
Artemov M., Voronov V., Voronova L., Goncharenko A., Usachev V. Subsystem for Simple Dynamic Gesture Recognition Using 3DCNNLSTM 571 577
Boev I., Tomchuk K., Turlikov A. Algorithm for Monitoring the State of the Musculoskeletal System in Scoliosis 578 583
Bolshakov A., Rogatneva E. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Reduction Information Risk Using Fuzzy Algorithm 584 588
Bolshakov A., Tyulkin D. Experimental Estimation of a Potential Eavesdropping Distance for Electromagnetic Emanations of Video System 589 593
Erokhin S., Petukhov A., Pilyugin P. Critical Information Infrastructures Monitoring Based on Software-Defined Networks 594 598
Geyda A. Conceptual and Formal Models of Usage Effects of Information Operations in Technological Systems 599 607
Gnidenko A., Sobolevsky V., Zakharov V. Methods and Algorithms of Proactive control of Complex Dynamic Objects with Disturbance Compensation 608 612
Gorodnichev M., Kukharenko A., Kukharenko E., Salutina T. Methods of Developing Systems Based on Blockchain 613 618
Gorodnichev M., Dzhabrailov K., Gematudinov R. Information System For Obtaining Parameters High-frequency Vibrations Of Road-Construction Machines 619 623
Grishin I., Timirgaleeva R. The Digital Economy of the Region: a Distributed Infrastructure of the Industry Ecosystem 624 631
Iskakova A., Jumabayeva J., Burgumbayeva S., Bakirbekova A. The Probabilistic Model of Distortions of Agrosmart Data 632 638
Korableva E., Pluzhnikova N., Polyanskaya J. Soft Skills in IT-Education as a Condition of Competitive Ability in Information-Oriented Society 639 643
Kozlov S., Kubankov A. Scientific and Methodological Foundations of Decomposition and Analysis of the Interaction of Processes in the Life Cycle of High-Tech Integrated Control Systems 644 649
Kozhevnikova T. Distance Foreign Language Testing as a Part of Digital Education in a Non-linguistics University 650 656
Krinkin K., Filatov A. Mobile Robot Pose Estimation based on Position/Velocity Sensor Fusion 657 662
Kuchumov A., Trofimov A., Nikolaeva V., Lihtner P. Automated Measuring Complex For Studies of Antenna Arrays 663 669
Kulakov K., Marchenkov S., Tishkov S. An Approach to Generating OntologyBased Object Model for Smart-M3 platform 670 676
Kuzovkova T., Tkachenko D. Technique Of Complex Measurement Of The Level Of Digital Development And Its Impact On The National Economy 677 681
Kuzovkova T., Kuzovkov D., Sharavova O. Transformation of Criteria and Indicators of Digital Development of Economy and Information Society 682 687
Lvovich I., Lvovich Y., Preobrazhenskiy A., Choporov O. Management of the Internet of Things System Based on Decision-Making and Optimization Approaches 688 696
Nesterkin A., Deart V. TCP is Bottleneck of Video Streaming via OTT 697 703
Netes V., Kusakina M. Reliability Challenges in Software Defined Networking 704 709
Sannikov V., Volchkov V., Mamonov A. Improving the Noise Immunity of the Modem with the Optimal Finite Signals that do not Cause Intersymbol Interference in a Linear Communication Channel 710 715
Sheluhin O., Magomedova D. Image Steganography Technique Using Algebraic Fractals 716 721
Sneps-Sneppe M. On Network Functions Virtualization and Hybrid Circuit-Packet Switching 722 728
Sokolov S. External Electromagnetic Influences upon Optical Cables 729 734
Taktakishvili V., Ovchinnikov A., Popov O., Abramov V. Analysis and Processing of Audio Signals Using Complex Form Representation 735 740
Taktakishvili V., Ovchinnikov A., Popov O., Abramov V. Objective Assessment of the Quality of Transmission and Informativeness of a Speech Signal According to Statistical Parameters 741 746
Tereshonkov S., Pankratov D. Antenna Selection and STC Coding Technologies Perspectives for MIMO Systems with Large Number of Antennas 747 750
Tianxing M., Zhukova N., Mustafin N. A Knowledge-based Recommendation System for Time Series Classification 751 759
Titov E., Simonov V., Erpelev A. Classes on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation with Students of Technical Specialties 760 766
Toutov A., Vorozhtsov A., Toutova N. The Method of Calculation the Total Migration Time of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers 767 770
Usova M., Viksnin I., Vorobeva A. Informational Space in the System of Smart Factory 771 776
Volkov A., Semin Val., Semin Vla. Context of Mobile Application Quality Risk Management Process 777 782
Voronov V., Strelnikov V., Voronova L., Trunov A., Vovik A. Faces 2D-Recognition and Identification Using the HOG Descriptors Method 783 789
Wang Y., Verba V., Bezumnov D., Tarasenko E. Neural Network Using for Prediction Spinal Diseases 790 796
Zaichenko D., Sineva I. Genetic Coding of Digital Watermarks to Enhance IoT Security 797 802
Zhukova N., Andrianova N., Klimov N. Program System for Object Models Deductive Synthesis 803 809
Zhukova N., Baimuratov I., Than N., Mustafin N. The Information Estimation System for Data Processing Results 810 814
Averkov V., Kulakov K. Application for Determination of User Interaction with the Objects Using a Camera 815 815
Bazhenov N., Harkovchuk A., Marchenkov S., Korzun D. A Low-Cost Indoor Service for Human Recognition 816 817
Besednyi N., Korzun D. An Interactive Presentation Service for SmartRoom 818 820
Harkovchuk A., Korzun D. Semantic Information Search Service by Persons Face Photo 821 823
Kurakhtenkov L., Kuchumov A., Ivandikov F. Investigation of the Possibility of Synchronizing Timestamps of Onboard Equipment and Determining the Location of a Spacecraft in Various Types of Orbits Using GLONASS/GPS Navigation Systems 824 826